In the Land of Sindh

The World's Longest Running Genocide - 1200 Years of Persecution of Hindus in Sindh, Pakistan

In the land of Sindh, once free and bright,
Hindus lived in peace, with all in sight.
But times have changed, and with it came
Pain and sorrow, a people to blame.

Forced to flee, with nothing but tears,
Leaving behind their homes, their years.
Their culture lost, their heritage gone,
Their identity, forever drawn.

They left behind, their loved ones too,
In a land where being Hindu was taboo.
Persecuted, discriminated and oppressed,
Their pain and suffering, forever stressed.

The temples destroyed, the Gods disrespected,
Their culture erased, their future neglected.
But still they hold on, to their faith and pride,
For they know, one day, they’ll be by their side.

The pain of Sindhi Hindus, echoes still,
In the land of Pakistan, where they were forced to spill.
But their spirits remain strong, and their will unbroken,
For they know, one day, they’ll be back, unspoken.

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