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The Ageing Phenomenon in Japan and Southeast Asia

Asia is the largest continent on earth, and home to more than half of the...
sliced Idli on green table

What to eat while in South India?

South India has a rich and diverse culinary tradition that is shaped by its geography,...
photography of school room

Lebanon News: Empty classrooms in Lebanon are a sign of the long-term harm caused by the turmoil

On a recent school day in Beirut, the Rene Mouawad High School was deserted, and...

Trade negotiations between Japan and South Korea make progress ahead of the summit

The presidents of Japan and South Korea met on Thursday for a highly anticipated meeting...
Swine Flu in Nagpur

Nagpur Latest: H3N2 has been ruled out as the cause of death in an old man, according to another suspect

Influenza An infection with the subtype H3N2 of the influenza virus is not believed to...
Potti Sriramulu

Andhra Pradesh pays rich tribute to Potti Sriramulu

On Thursday, on the occasion of Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu's birth anniversary, Andhra Pradesh Governor S....
orange and yellow abstract painting

8 wounded and 2 died in a bombing in Pakistan

A bombing in the Khuzdar region of Pakistan's Balochistan province resulted in the deaths of...

Vijayawada Latest: Commencement of Budget Session, Will Last Through March 24

Tuesday marked the beginning of the budget session that will take place during the AP...

What is the Cultural Significance of Rice in Asia?

The staple food for two-thirds of the world population, rice is also the third most...

Pakistan is dying in Debt because they murdered Sindhi Hindus

The history of Sindh, a province in present-day Pakistan, is replete with the tragic events...

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