What can be learnt from total isolation?


Kabhi tasalli se do pal akele guzar kar to dekh,                                                                               Khud se pyar na ho jaye to kehna!

These lines come straight from the heart of a person who disliked being alone. I loved to be surrounded by friends and would talk non-stop to the people I would feel connected with.

However, life puts you in a situation wherein you learn to be on your own. As they say – some battles should be fought alone. While preparing for CA Finals, I had to study 24*7. I did not have the time to socialise. The amount of syllabus never gives you that kind of liberty.

This was the first time I was subjected to so much isolation. Initially, it felt like a torture. I felt as if I have been put in some jail. With time, I made peace with it. And today I am grateful that I experienced it.

During the phase of total isolation, I learnt some valuable lessons.

• This phase taught me the meaning and importance of self-love. I learnt to enjoy my own company and be comfortable in my skin.

• I started taking better care of my mental and physical health. I learnt to meditate- something that I used to find boring and difficult earlier.

• I grew mentally as well as emotionally stronger. I learnt to be happy on my own, follow my intuition and take independent decisions.

• It made me discover my real self. I started pursuing my passion of writing and reading books- whenever time permitted.

• My focus, creativity and productivity improved. I could concentrate fully on the task at hand.

• I learnt to handle my worries without venting them out to anyone else. I learnt not to let my fears over shadow my efforts.

• To pat my own back and be my own cheerleader when things did not go as planned was the best trait that I developed during this phase.

When you are surrounded by people, you are not really yourself. As they say, you are an average of five people you spend your time with. Also, you rarely have any time left for yourself when you are in the work-hangout-sleep-repeat mode. In this era of Instagram and late-night parties, non-stop internet services and a new web series coming up every week, one rarely sits free. To everyone stuck in that routine, I would say – spend some time with yourself each day. Put your phone away, mediate, self-introspect and connect well with yourself first. Don’t lose your real self in the process of trying to fit in. Know the real you and be you!

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