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There are many owls in the world. In total, there are about 200 species, with most being nocturnal, and a few who prefer to hunt during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. But amongst these hooty...
Why do we need Zero Energy Buildings? Zero Energy Buildings or ZEB’s are a very new concept applied in the building designing domain. ZEB’s are buildings with zero net energy consumption. The ‘zero...

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Overstyling your hair? Prevent damage with these tips

(IANSlife) Hair can make or break your look, and who doesn't want every day to be a good hair day? But, using...

How men can maintain intimate hygiene

(IANSlife) The days of brusque, unkempt dudes are a thing of the past. Men are sitting up and taking notice of how...

19% of Indian women have menstrual problems: Report

(IANSlife) A new fitness report has suggested that close to 19 percent of women suffer from some kind of menstrual issues.

What is Calisthenics Training? Everything you need to know

The term ‘calisthenics’ has often been associated with people in tracksuits doing standard exercises in a gym class, but there is...

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