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The Eclipses That Changed History!

Solar eclipses come around so infrequently, it feels like a historic event just to even witness one. But some eclipses from history have taken...

Astronomers Once Watched a Star Turn Directly Into a Black Hole!

Most dying stars go out with a bang — a supernova, more specifically. But scientists recently observed a star that went out with a...

Notorious Droughts from the World History

Tropical Africa (133,000 B.C. to 88,000 B.C.) By extracting sediment cores from Lake Malawi, one of the largest and...

Origin of Noodles

Summary Noodles started out as dumplings: just little balls of flour and water. At some...

Prehistoric ape from Germany was a pioneer of two-legged walking

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fossils unearthed in southern Germany of a remarkable ape that lived about 11.6 million years ago may dramatically alter...

The Complete History of California Gold Rush

The discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley in early 1848 sparked the California Gold Rush, arguably one of the most...

Ancient Greek Temples Were Purposely Built Over Fault Lines!

Earthquakes were a pretty common phenomenon in ancient Greece — terrifying and destructive, sure, but also a known risk of living in...

The Nasca Lines Are Ancient Desert Designs You Can Only See From the Sky!

If you were to tromp across the Nasca Desert of southern Peru, you'd likely walk across enormous designs in the ground —...

Underwater Cities Found In Mysterious Places!

Submerged cities are, by their very nature, baffling to behold, but sometimes these underwater towns are discovered under especially mystifying circumstances. From...

Complete History of Climate Change

Dating back to the ancient Hindu Rishis, many people had proposed that humans could change temperatures and influence rainfall by chopping down trees, plowing fields or irrigating a desert.

The Invention, The Breakthrough, The Exploitation- Complete History of Plastic

Plastic is a word that originally meant “pliable.” It only recently became a name for a category of materials called polymers. The...

Undefeated Peshwa: Bajirao I

Bajirao I was the Peshwa (Prime Minister) to the fourth Maratha Chhatrapati (Emperor) Shahu. A courageous warrior, he is credited with expanding...
Berlin Wall

Lutheran sisters recall nursing those wounded at Berlin Wall

Sister Brigitte Queisser walks slowly along the decaying remains of the Berlin Wall, its rusty rebar reinforcement exposed where the concrete has...

A Humble Mathematician: Antoine Deparcieux

Antoine Deparcieux (28 October 1703 – 2 September 1768) was a French mathematician. He was born at Clessous in the Portes, department...

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