Complete guide for everyday Jewellery

Jewellery is a reflection of your personality. What you wear everyday creates an impression on everyone you meet on a daily basis. Have a rustic watch with little diamonds on it? You are emotional, stable and value the good things in life. Fancy a statement earring at work? You like to sparkle and dazzle your way.

Your everyday jewellery is your armor to comfort and style. Unless you are walking on the runway, the everyday jewellery pretty much means sticking to subtle and minimalist expressions of one’s style. From diamond rings for women, to sparkling statement earrings – here is a complete guide to everyday jewellery.

Contemporary Classics

When it comes to wearing jewellery for your regular days, the best way is to pick some classics and keep them handy. Hoop earrings, huggies, simple studs etc are some of the classic earrings you can swear by for an everyday look. They don’t just lend the classic beauty of the metal and the shine of diamonds but also add oodles of simplicity while keeping up with your elegance. Browse through a collection of gold earrings with weight and price to create your own collection. Contemporary classics go well for an everyday office look, day out shopping and even a get together with your girls.

Everyday diamond studs

Diamond studs or solitaire diamond earrings are the most popular earrings when it comes to everyday wear. Regardless of age, anyone and everyone can flaunt a piece of diamond earrings everywhere in the world and be stylish. The beauty about these beauties is that they are timeless, and extensively beautiful to match all situations. The trick is to keep the size of the diamond matching your taste. Too large and it becomes a statement. Bonus: You can double up for a great evening look without having to change your earrings.

The daily necklace

Your daily necklace can be a classic chain that you enjoy wearing daily. Much like a simple gold/platinum chain with a distinct pendant that resonates with your personality. But if you are someone who likes to change the way they style, the best idea is to juggle between long and short chains on a regular basis. Stock up your jewellery box with a lot of pendants to change with the days. Or you can flaunt a long chain necklace with subtle details to highlight. They don’t just stand out but make minimalist statement too.

 Ring it daily!

Rings are an essential for everyday style. And because it’s a regular thing, its best to keep it light and comfortable. For your everyday look, try to pick up lightweight and subtle rings that match up with your personality and look gorgeous too. Solitaire diamond rings, platinum bands, sleek gold rings etc are ideal for an everyday look. You can wear one or two for a laidback style and stack these together for a more stylish and statement look.

The anklets

Many women in India adore the styling of anklets on their feet. While traditional, anklets have become a more stylish addition to everyday jewellery today. Explore from a wide range of choices and stick to lightweight and minimalist design for your daily wear. You can explore with silver, gold and even platinum anklets to adorn this style. Anklets and wrist bands can be worn interchangeably to create distinct style too. Your everyday look need not be boring. But it need not be weighing you down too. Its best to pick something you are comfortable in and enjoy the personal style!


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