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The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word ‘entreprendre’ which means “to undertake”. Anyone that starts a business of their own with potential financial risks involved, to earn profits, can be an entrepreneur. But what makes you a successful one? We at NYK Daily, have a plethora of counsel just for you, articulated into efficient and simple language by our in-house successful entrepreneurs who have seen the grind and overcome failure. NYK Daily hosts a variety of content in this field – capital ventures, funding, building a revenue model, marketing, profits and even successful stories. The content also tackles issues of financial modelling, losses and mental health – the most important part of the journey in entrepreneurship. The writers of NYK Daily, with their experiences of successful entrepreneurship have talked about how they kept their mental health in check, despite all the stress, financial lows, social issues and uncertainty.

Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Mentor

Mentors are real businessmen. They know when, where and how to strike the market for getting a good hold of it....

Journey of a Brand Specialist, Barion McQueen

Barion McQueen is a serial entrepreneur and branding specialist with years of hands-on experience in helping aspiring startups pave their way to...

Emotional Security for Entrepreneurs

What is it that secure people know that other people do not know? Why is it that they don't have to hide...

Youngest Digital Influencer – Nishit Sangwan

Youngest Digital Influencer Nishit Sangwan clenches a good experience in this niche and is now serving as a pro digital marketer. Nishit...

SONIA KASHYAP—- The pro blogger with a magnificent chore list

These days blogging is deemed to be one of the excellent work one can carry on with. Its uniqueness fibs in its...

Meet Aditya Belnekar, the Cyber Mogul of India

Aditya Belnekar who is also known as the Cyber Mogul is the founder of "TEAMWIZARDMEDIA" which is a leading influencing marketing agency...

Two Powerful Forces in Entrepreneurship: Passion and Pressure

Passion and pressure are two powerful forces that can affect our actions. Passion comes from inside of us and the pressure comes...

PRATHAM SINGH- The Youngest Digital Entrepreneur

Well if you are in digital space then it's not wrong to say that Pratham Singh, you must have heard his...

Dj Ebube Oriji, The entertainment Mogul

Specializing in enthusiasm with full allegiance yields in something fruitful. Only the people with remarkable aptitudes...

What are the alternatives to Downsizing your workforce

Downsizing almost inevitably imposes substantial psychological costs on the workforce. It comes with some social costs for the community, at least in...

Spirituality of Success: A Mantra for Entrepreneurs

There are clearly two paths to success as an entrepreneur or leader and they are, as radically different as chalk and cheese...

Top Nine 2020 Trends for Entrepreneurs

As we launch into the new year, here are the top nine trends that entrepreneurs need to be aware of, think about,...

A Light of Hope among youth- Dr. Naren Goyal

Career, path, goal, success and life; all those topics always become a bunch of confusion between today’s youngsters, but a trainer from...

Be a Decisive AOE- Action Oriented Entrepreneur

The secret of winning is first you have to try. Successful entrepreneurs are always open to new business, they are decisive and...

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