Nine Days – A Poetry

Arushi Sana and Nikhil Chandwani

Nine days until seven lives.
Joined together in love and health,
sharing in life’s abundance and wealth.

How many times
have I known you before?
Do you think our spirits
ever keep score?

I’d gladly know you
for a thousand more years.
The thought keeps me strong
and free of my fears.

Nine days ’til I marry
the love of my life.
Nine days until you’re
my one and only wife.

For seven lifetimes we’ll be bound,
but at the end, wherever we’re found,
I’ll propose to you all over again.
I’ll still want seven more lifetimes then.

If I am obsessed, let me enjoy it.
I know best your sweet allure.
Beautiful, wonderful, pure,
ever devoted, so full of blessings.
When we’re talking, working, resting,
I always, forever, dream of you.

But of course you already know.
However old we manage to grow,
I’ll have nowhere better to go
than straight to you, a grin on my face,
privileged just to share this space.

If you’ll be mine, I’ll be yours
for at least those seven lifetimes more,
but before that time can fade,
I swear to you I’ll find a way
to renew our bonds, each and every time.
I’ll be yours, if you’ll be mine.

These nine days drag on so much,
as I wait for your soft touch.
I already know my heart’s desire.
To be inspired by your love,
to be bound to you
by the heavens above.

In my heart, I wish they’d pass.
I want you now and these feelings will last.
Now, tomorrow, weeks, centuries.
Be my wish, my future, my history.

When time itself reaches its end,
I’ll be with you, every life well spent.

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