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The term Leadership is thrown around in every sphere today, be it entrepreneurship, corporate world, students at college or even politics. Being a Leader is striking and powerful, and we at NYK Daily, bring to you, how to be a good one. Leadership takes courage, innovation, taking a stand for those you wish to lead, knowledge, and an approach that makes people choose you to be their leader, rather than enforcing it yourself. Citing several examples of the top world leaders, businessmen and even small yet significant stories, we at NYK Daily have a lovely collection for you, an amalgamation of stories, theses and guidance. Lead on!

Ants – A Lesson in Teamwork

An individual ant is pretty dense and pretty dull. However, collectively ants can perform near-miracles. As a team ants can build their...

Leading And Embracing Change- A Road Map

Change is in every facet of an organization's life cycle. The reality is, you either become an agent of change or you...

Business Process Management for Leaders

Einstein once said that everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. This is true in every aspect of...

How can you keep your cool during a Panel Interview?

A panel interview is an interview in which an applicant answers questions from a bunch of people who then take the decision. HRs use panel interviews to gain...

Tenacity and Persistency- Leadership Themes

The issue of success to many is about making money and that money is the one and only thing that really matters....

Brainstorming Techniques for Leaders

Writers, students and anyone else will occasionally need an idea or two. While you may have times when ideas come with little...

Don’t Step Back: People will always Criticise

Anybody who has ever achieved anything worthwhile has had to endure criticism. Realize, at an early stage of following your passion, that...

Mind Power, Goal Seeding, and More: An Innovative Success Mantra

Needless to say, the mind is a powerful tool that governs one's life. The kind of mind that you have reflects your...

Self Discipline- An Achiever’s Guide

Behind every great achiever is another great achiever who has served as Mentor. In order to achieve the same results the "disciple"...

How the art of ‘requesting’ is a leadership game changer?

Do you ever wonder why people do not simply do the things that you want them to do? Well, instead of waiting...

The Four S’s of Presentations

Have you ever been to a presentation that you thought would never end? It seems as if some people have mastered the...

Leadership Resolutions For The New Year

ach year many people create a list of resolutions designed to help them improve their lives. As Business Leaders, we also need...

Competition or Cooperation?

It has been said, there is no better way to hone your skills and improve your performance, than competition. Competing with others,...

Harnessing the Potential of Leverage

The Power of Leverage is possibly one of the most neglected areas for the average person. However, if you were to look...

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