Our Journalists

Mitchell Trevor
News Reporter and Correspondent- USA
Mitchell Trevor is our political analyst and news reporter based out of Chicago, IL. He has six years of experience in capacity of a Political Journalist. He handles the News and Political Commentary from the West. He is also a political researcher with numerous Exclusive Breaking Stories to his name
Alex Szatkowski
Business News Reporter- Ukraine
Alexander Szatkowski epresents NYK Daily's business narratives. He covers Major Entrepreneurship and Leadership updates and news about rising and falling Stocks from around the World. He is based out of Kiev, Ukraine.
Anne Austen
Fashion, Health and Lifestyle- USA
Katherine Anne Austen (Katy) is our journalist in the lifestyle and health section. She covers articles, stories and news on health and lifestyle. She is a post graduate in English Majors with specialisation in Psychology.
News Reporter and Correspondent- UK
Paige is our international correspondent reporting from Europe. She holds a Bachelor Degree in journalism and has covered exclusive articles on Brexit. She also covers updates on solutions for the prevailing climate change crisis.
Vishnu Chaudhari
History Correspondent- India
Author of 'Dream Beyond Infinity', Poet and Passionately Curious Person, Vishnu Chaudhari handles historic discoveries and latest lifestyle news and updates from around the world. He holds a MBA and currently based out of Gujarat, India.
Colin Ingram
News Reporter and Correspondent- South Africa
Colin Ingram, a graduate in journalism from Tshwane University of Technology, is presently working as a senior reporter with NYK Daily. He loves his gadgets and his cat. (although the cat, being a cat, doesn’t let his gadgets stay in one piece within a few blinks.) He also loves trekking and the wildlife.
Jeon Mi-Kyung
News Reporter and Correspondent- South Korea
Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, South Korean Born Mi-Kyung Jeon is a MASTER OF FINE ARTS (M.F.A.) from Duquesne University. She joined NYK Daily as an international Correspondent. She has previously interned at the New York Times in New York,for eleven months.
Nikhil Linga
Technology Reporter and Correspondent-India
Nikhil Linga is an Indian Author and Writer from Hyderabad city. Nikhil Linga is well known for his debut book MLP Hacked which gives you a piece of clear information on how mobile phones and computers can be hacked in these present days and how to secure them. He is our technology reporter
Shubham Singh
Movie Reviewer- India
A film lover, a full-time content writer and a strong believer of the fact that whatever you seek is definitely seeking you. When not writing anything, he teaches science to a bunch of 14-year olds and looks forward to exploring and learning new things in life. His only goal in life is to buy a home on hills, adopt a dog and to ask him if he wants to become a doctor or an engineer. He is our Movie Reviewer.
Olivia Abbe
Science and Innovation Correspondent-UK
Olivia Abbe is a Semi Retired Scientist living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. She covers Science and Innovation for NYK Daily.