Top Content Monetization Strategies for ConnectPal, Other Social Platforms

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Today, leaders, authors, and speakers have more opportunities than ever to monetize their work. The opportunities for content monetization are growing because of technology and social media platforms like ConnectPal that support content creators.  Here, “content” can range from web videos to online coaching to blogs to consulting, speaking and more.  New audiences are showing up online daily and they’re ready to consume, you guessed it, more content!

By ensuring that your marketing strategy is organic and reaches your target audience, you too can have the chance to make money from your published content.  Here’s how.  

Research your target market:

  • Does your target market even know that you exist? Doing some research will show who  your targeted audience is and how you can reach them.
  • Join online forums.  Chatting online with the associations and groups that your clients are connected to will give you a better feel of what they expect.

Engage your audience:

  • Once you have awareness of your target market, you can begin to engage with your audience.
  • Be sure to share content consistently and strategically.
  • Find your niche.  For example, a beauty blogger can choose to focus on a range of beauty topics such as: product reviews, make-up tutorials, nails, or budget blogging. 
  • Be creative yet informative.
  • Feed your followers with top quality content and encourage them to share it with their friends, colleagues, co-workers, and clients.

Choose a social platform

Social platform ConnectPal is similar to a profile page on any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), but with a distinction; there is a charge for people to see your profile content. ConnectPal empowers people to monetize their audience in a simple way with little to no startup costs required.  

The platform is for any person, group, or business that has an audience or wants to grow an audience. 


Monetizing your social profile; including blogs, tutorial videos, etc., will likely continue into the future.  Today, even celebrities are using platforms like ConnectPal, Paywalls and other social platforms to get a greater audience.

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