How To Create Winning Facebook Ads For 2020?

Facebook is undeniably the biggest social media platform in the world. As of 2020, it has 2.45 billion monthly active users. Also, according to statistics, almost 60% of Internet users access Facebook. Besides, it consists of 1.62 billion people that use it daily. So, considering all this, we can confidently say that Facebook is the most prominent social media hub of all time. 

As we all know, over time, Facebook ads have become the most credible aspect of this digital giant. Consequently, competition nowadays is intense, like never before in the Facebook advertising realm. That’s why you need to up your game regarding making the most out of it. In this blog, I’m going to offer some of the best tips concerning creating winning Facebook adverts in 2020. 

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First, let’s understand what makes Facebook adverts so extraordinary compared to other advertising types?

The answer to this question lies in three segments, which are as follows-

  1. Audience Targeting.
  2. Relevant Content.
  3. Compelling Illustrations. 

Audience Targeting-

With the help of Facebook adverts, audience targeting for marketing campaigns becomes very easy. And, the primary reason behind it is the presence of diverse kinds of demographics on the platform. Like, if you look at the statistics of Facebook users, you will find different age groups of people. So, as a brand, if you want to target different types of buyer personas for your business, then there’s no better place than Facebook. 

Relevant Content-

Relevancy is a great virtue, and with Facebook adverts, it is not difficult to achieve. You might have noticed that the ad content on Facebook has always been supremely pertinent as per user intent. Right! So, users can relate to it in no time. Hence, you can also say that people struck the chord with Facebook ads organically, and not forcefully as a result of promotional acts. 

Compelling Illustrations-

You cannot deny that illustrations do play a very crucial role in the online advertising industry. The graphics, images, colors, and all aspects of ads matter a lot as far as captivating the attention of the audience is concerned. Well, Facebook ads allow you to explore these properties entirely without letting go of the main objective of your marketing endeavors. However, there are different specifications predefined on Facebook to create ads. Like, for Facebook single image ad size is 1,200 x 628 pixel. So, to run ads successfully on Facebook, you have to look after these specs very accurately. Otherwise, it can disregard your ad request straight away. 

Best Tactics To Create Winning Facebook adverts In 2020-

Draft Captivating CTA-

The psychology behind call-to-action is simple. It excites audiences to take some action as an outcome of the ads they have seen. No doubt, CTAs play a humungous role in Facebook ads. If they get drafted logically, and according to the user intent, then your ad can generate higher click-through-rate for sure. Many times, advertisers don’t give CTA the importance it deserves, and end-up creating just for the sake of it. So, don’t do that. Invest proper time and draft captivating call-to-action for your adverts.

Use Related Visuals-

The visual and text of Facebook ads go hand-in-hand. That’s why it is significant to use visuals that match the content of your adverts. There are various Facebook ad finder tools available in the market. By using them, you can find thousands of creative ideas regarding the visuals of your adverts. Well, following Facebook’s 20% rule, your images should contain less than 20% text. So, they don’t look cluttered and can perform to the best of their capabilities. Make sure you follow this suggestion while designing the illustrations for your Facebook adverts. 

Look After Ad Specs-

As I have mentioned above, Facebook ads possess some specifications when it comes to size, aspect ratio, dimension, and all. And, you have to follow them anyhow. You can’t run ads on Facebook without considering these specs. As we all know, different types of ads run on this social media platform, such as Carousel ads, Video ads, and a lot more. All of them somehow different from each other, so their properties, too. For example, Facebook’s single image ad size is different from Facebook video ads, and likewise. 

Keep It Simple-

Language plays a substantial part when it comes to grabbing the attention of readers. Right! So, why to keep it complex and twisted. Hence, always try to write your Facebook ad copy in a simple language. Of course, you can always juice it with amazing word expressions and vocabulary extent. But, always remember your intention behind your marketing campaign should reach to the audience without getting lost in a confusing writing texture. 

Trial And Error-

Within the past few years, the one main thing that you have gotten is the freedom of experiment, especially in the case of advertising. Earlier, you were not so liberal concerning making tests. But, now, with the help of technological advances, you can trial and error different Facebook ad ideas. It is not about wasting time, but it is more about picking the best out of the rest. To do this, you can draft a dummy advert, show it to the close people, and seek their feedback. Believe me or not, this strategy can polish your advertising endeavors to the best. 


We have already entered the third month of 2020, and things are getting exciting as this year moving forward regarding social media marketing, advertising, and all. Also, Facebook is expanding rapidly on every possible scale. Your exceptional business presence on it can make you a lot of bucks and gather audience love as well. No doubt, it’s the best time to leave a mark on Facebook through your advertising practices. By following the above Facebook advertising tactics, you can assuredly create winning Facebook ads in 2020.

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