Freelancing Revolution – What Does the Future Hold

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The world is amid a technological boom. Most anticipated news surfaces on social media, even before it is shown on conventional media. The fast-paced arena has provided a landscape for organizations and people to continue flourishing digitally. One area that is particularly taken off in the last few years is freelancing. This revolution has been nothing but extraordinary, and it also shows the fast-paced nature of today’s digital world. One thing to point out is that the freelancing revolution continues to grow as the world moves closer to the future.

Statistics highlighted by Forbes have been nothing but staggering. A report suggests that around two-third of freelancers are satisfied with their career and work-life balance. Another survey reported that 40% of full-time employees in the United States have a side gig in which they earn a hefty income. Perhaps, this is a good idea, given the economic turmoil in different countries.

Why Freelancing

The COVID-19 pandemic hit citizens around the globe like an avalanche and continued to wreak havoc everywhere. Even after vaccines were prepared to counter this virus, the aftermath was way too much to handle for the governments. The result was inflation of such epic proportions that the development during pre-COVID days was rendered useless. Further, with lockdown restrictions providing people with more time to explore different options, it opened several new avenues in terms of extra earning opportunities. This is one of the reasons why freelancing has become a major part of today’s economic stature.

Freelancing not only offers a great way to earn extra income but also provides individuals with the opportunity to network. With everything going digital, the extra networking prospects can elevate chances for individuals to land better gigs. It also allows them to connect with outsourcing companies, linking them to better large-scale organizations. For instance, 1840 & Company is one of the most promising outsourcing companies operating in the country.

1840 & Company and Freelancing

1840 & Company is a global BPO provider and vetted freelance marketplace that works with leading enterprises to staff them with the best talent, whether it be freelance, direct hire, or outsourcing. The Company’s experts analyze their talent requirements with the hiring managers. This process helps freelancers connect with organizations looking for services at significantly lower rates for a short time.

The best part about freelancing is that there are no limitations. Forbes reports that there are over 58 million freelancers working across different industries in the United States alone, which covers almost 36% of the total workforce. It allows individuals to stop seeing their corporate bosses and be their bosses. Further, the earning opportunities that freelancing offers are potentially unlimited.

For companies, 1840 offers them a great way to connect with the most talented individuals on the market. When asked about it, a company representative said, “We have an exclusive global talent network available in 150 different countries. We can contract in 150 countries, compensate in 120 different currencies, including crypto, and offer Employer of Record (“EOR”) in 90 different countries.” Freelancing has taken a giant leap forward on the global employment landscape. With its rapid rise, one can’t help but wonder if freelancers will fill the major part of the employment sector.

As globalization is accelerating through IT, demand projections are only set to skyrocket in the foreseeable future. According to Deloitte, 90 percent of companies see cloud computing as integral to the aspect of outsourcing. 1840 offers various developmental services in its portfolio, from personnel skilled in constructing HTML to Webflow and JavaScript developers.

Hybrid workplaces are slowly popularizing in today’s market. Businesses have slowly realized that AI needs to catch up to the functions garnered by human effort. Projects still increasingly require monitoring through human action, which is likely to be the case for years to come.

In hindsight, it is essential to understand that freelancing is a vehicle to help one make a living on their terms. But it can only be effective if these talented professionals leverage these opportunities to their full extent. Even then, let’s not forget that people deserve to live on their terms. Freelancing may look different to each person depending on the industry, financial goals, and temperament. So whether one wants to take the freelancing step right now or wait a few years, it’s up to them. It is better to make the right decision at the right time before it’s too late. With the current conditions and trajectory of the market, there seems to be immense potential for both freelancers and businesses to flourish.

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