Top Family Vacation Spots in the USA


When it comes to good old USA, there is clearly no dearth of family vacation spots, so much so that it becomes quite difficult to choose suitable ones.

Accordingly, in this article, we aim to make this difficult selection easier for you by enlisting the top family vacation spots in the USA.

Grand Canyon

There’s a reason Grand Canyon is so well renowned, not only within the USA but outside of it as well, which is simply the fact that it is breathtakingly beautiful! Moreover, the natural scenic beauty here is unlike what you will find anywhere else in the world.

All this in a space that is completely family-friendly. Therefore, when it comes to top family vacation spots in the USA, Grand Canyon will always find prominent mention.

Yellowstone National Park

There are just too many attractions within Yellowstone National Park which an entire family traveling together can easily enjoy. This includes a combination of both natural wonders as well as a variety of flora and fauna. Combined with the huge expanse of the place – as well as the affordable cost of entry, Yellowstone National Park will consistently find itself featured prominently on such lists.

New York City

Notwithstanding common belief around the relatively expensive nature of the Big Apple, fact is New York City offers a number of different family attractions at affordable price points. For a lot of folks in the vicinity of New York City, a quick dash can offer so many different opportunities to create memories for life!

No wonder then that for folks from elsewhere, especially from abroad, a trip to New York City is practically a given!

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Are you guessing this place has something to do with those irresistible Hershey’s chocolates you love to devour? Well, you got it right!

The biggest point of interest for entire families, kids especially, is the Chocolate town theme park which is scheduled to open there in the summer of 2020. So besides touring the Hershey’s factory, families could enjoy customized ice cream options from “ice creamologists”, as well as a ride on the fascinating ‘Candymonium’ roller coaster.

Orlando, Florida

Renowned for hosting Walt Disney World which can easily be considered as one of the finest family theme parks anywhere on Earth, Orlando is home to other charming destinations that further accentuate its attraction quotient. Examples include Discovery Cove as well as Universal Resort.


The best-known Hawaiian island certainly has a lot to offer for families to enjoy to the hilt. Whether it is lovely beaches like Napili Beach or the awe-inspiring black sand at Waianapanapa State Park, there is certainly a lot to see and cherish in Maui.

Friendly Tip – We strongly recommended making timely bookings for trips to Maui since costs tend to escalate quickly.

US Family Vacation Spots Experienced Easily without a Prior Visa

USA ESTA has made it possible to enjoy all the lovely family vacation spots mentioned in this article, without having to obtain a prior visa from one’s home country. This unique program run by the US Customs and Border Protection allows citizens and nationals from select countries (mostly in Europe, with a select few from elsewhere) to travel to the US without mandating a prior visa.

As an ESTA visa check, make sure that you do not have a visitor’s visa already. Also, your planned trip to the US cannot be more than 90 days. Further, there is a nominal $14 application fee that you need to pay online; processing is very fast so you will know the status of your USA ESTA quite quickly.

Myrtle Beach

For many families, Myrtle Beach is just the quaint and idyllic family getaway they had been seeking all along. After all, besides its beautiful beaches with relatively calm seas all year long, Myrtle Beach is also home to the Broadway Grand Prix as well as Ripley’s Aquarium.

Oh and did we mention that food and accommodation at Myrtle Beach really tend to be reasonable?!

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland is another beautiful beachside place with attractions galore which entire families can enjoy to the hilt. Moreover, all these attractions come with affordable price tags such that a trip to Ocean City is very unlikely to cost you a pretty penny, no matter how far away you may be coming from!


Outdoor fanatics are quite likely to find themselves in a “heaven on Earth” scenario once they get to Yosemite. After all, the sheer number of avenues for outdoor adventures here are practically endless! Whether as a family, you would like to go fishing, rafting, mountain climbing, or just hiking, you will be awestruck by both the beauty as well as the vastness of the place.


When it comes to family vacation spots in the USA, there is clearly no shortage of them! Which of the places we have listed above would you like to go to the most?

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