Top 5 Ways To Make Money On Social Media Without Selling

Do you want to make money from social media without selling a thing? Then you should read this article.

Over the past few years, the Internet is booming with people who are earning money from social media. If you are having a good number of social media followers, you can monetize that following to convert into money.

As we know, people trust famous personalities and influencers on social media. That’s the reason why brands sponsor the charismatic lifestyle of the influencers. In exchange for that, influencers showcase the brand’s product and provide them better exposure on social media platforms.

In research, we found that over 86% of online business companies do rely on social media influencers for marketing. And according to the estimated data, we can expect to see a boom ($10 billion by 2020) in the influencer marketing industry.

In case you want to grow your social media influence to make more money, here I have shown some tips which might help you:

Pick The Right Platform:

For being popular on social media, you need to work harder on growing your fan following, at least on a single social media platform. While later onwards, you can also enhance your impact on other social media platforms.

If you are looking for a platform, which can get you a better money-making opportunity, then Instagram can be your best option. Do you know why?

On other platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you have to work harder to get the monetization eligibility. In the case of Facebook,  you need to build a reputable page with at least 10k followers and regular engagement. On the other hand, for YouTube monetization, you need 1K subscribers with 4K hours of watch time within a year.

You really need to work harder to achieve such results in a small-time. However, if you are a good creator on Instagram, you could be able to monetize your efforts from the get-go.

Still, thinking- how to monetize Instagram

Unlike other social media platforms, you don’t have any specific requirements. You just need to have a creator account and some influence with the targeted audience. And you could be able to attract the attention of marketers to gain sponsorship for your content on Instagram.

Content Strategy:

If you had a good engagement with your content, you had a better chance to attract sponsors. You may have heard of a quote that a picture can convey a thousand words. But when you consider a video, it’s worth a million words.

Of course, nobody can neglect the role of images in the social media content strategy. While the truth is that videos are dominating content, which can help you to attract viewers.

Earlier, YouTube was the only dominating platform with video content. But nowadays, other platforms like Facebook, Instagram are also growing to become a competition to YouTube.

Though only a few social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook have video monetization options where you can run ads in between videos to earn some money. But recently we got a piece of news that Instagram is also trying monetization on IGTV.

Can you make money on Instagram with Video Content? 

In the future, Instagram is going to release this feature publically. Then you could be able to use this new feature on IGTV and monetize your videos with ad breaks. If you are already earning money from running ads on your YouTube/Facebook videos, you can also do the same with IGTV to earn more money in your pocket.

Use Of Hashtags:

Want to make money from social media? Then you have to make sure to include lots of hashtags in your posts. Based on the research, posts with multiple hashtags gain more engagement. Although you don’t need to go overboard with hashtags, which makes your content seem spammy.

Just try to include a variety of hashtags in your post that could catch the attention of the audience. While you can also implement some unique hashtags. That would make your content seem more attractive and will bring more engagement.

Stick With A Niche:

For a new influencer, it would be tempting to get a first sponsorship offer. Though you must understand that people have some expectations from the influencers they follow on social media. And if your content doesn’t deliver the same, you won’t be getting engagement on your posts.

Influencers should think about their viewers. And take the offers which not only makes money for them but also useful for their viewers.

If someone is a fitness expert on social media, people aspect to see posts related to health and fitness stuff only.

Know What You Worth:

In the market, if you want to grow yourself, you need to know where you stand now. In case you are signing a contract with the brand, confirm that you are getting paid enough for your work. Often brands provide free offers to influencers while not paying them with money. Although it seems fine for one or two times. But when you are trying to make a living through social media, you need to know the true worth of your creation. Most of the companies try to pay less than $250 per post. And unless you are a well-known celebrity, you can’t earn huge incomes for your business. So make sure to gauge the worth of your every post and try to make more money from sponsored content.

Summing Up:

From research and stats, we know that brands are investing more in Influencer marketing. And if you are popular on social media, you can make use of your influence to earn more money. By following the above-shown ways, you can turn your social profile into a money-making machine.

So are you ready to make money from social media? If you are already earning, please share your experience in the comments

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