How To Use Quick Replies Feature In Your Instagram DMs?


Quick replies feature has become an ideal way of communication for brands and influencers on Instagram. Most of the brands receive different types of query messages from their followers. And obviously, it would be quite difficult for them to answer each and every question one by one. However, with this feature now, brands can easily interact with their followers and sort out their queries.

Currently, quick replies feature is only available for those who have a professional account on Instagram (Creator/Business). So if you are using Instagram for marketing purposes, then you shouldn’t miss out on this feature.

Want to know more about Instagram Quick Replies?

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About Quick Replies:

Just like the word says, quick replies are the content, which you can prepare beforehand publishing on DMs. You can reuse that content for answering similar queries of your other users. It sure is a great way to save time while responding to so many people on Instagram.

It seems Instagram doesn’t believe that every Instagrammer needed this feature. That’s the reason why it can only be used by those who have a business profile. However, this seems to be quite useful for Instagram marketers and influencers who communicate with the audience to gain more conversions for their business.

Note: Quick replies aren’t like automated replies, which you can automate for a particular type of query or keywords. Before sending one, you need to read the whole message. And based on that, you can select the right response using the quick reply feature.

Why Use Instagram Quick Replies?

Have you been asked similar questions via direct messages from your audience? Mostly it happens when some brand posts about a unique offer and the viewers become curious about that. In case you are also facing a similar scenario, you can use quick replies feature to respond to your Instagram audience.

  • If you are managing a shared Instagram account with a group of people. You won’t be having consistency in your brand’s voice. In such a case, you can create some quick replies to the similar queries of your audiences.
  • Nowadays, many brands host Instagram takeover programs with influencers. And when an outside person is managing a brand’s account, he might not have the exact solution to the viewers’ queries. In fact, that person needs to verify each and every response from the brand’s owner. To simplify the situation, if the brand can setup some preformatted quick replies, it would be easier for that person to give a proper response to the queries of audiences.
  • Human error is always a possibility which you want to avoid in your professional work. If you are using Instagram for business purposes, it’s better to give a proper reply to the queries of the audience. That way, you could avoid potential mistakes, which leads to creating a bigger problem for you and your business.

In the above-shown situations, brands can utilize quick replies feature for responding to the queries of audiences on Instagram.

Want to know how to message someone on Instagram using quick replies?

Here you have the answer:

How To Direct Message Someone On Instagram Using Quick Replies?

As you know, to use Instagram quick replies, you need to switch to a business account first. Then go to your profile page and click on the three-line menu on the top right corner of the screen. In the sidebar menu, you will find the settings option at the bottom. Tap on the Settings, you will get a Business option. Click on that. There you have the quick replies option.

In the Quick replies, you will find the “+” button at the right side of the top corner. From there, you can write the answer to the queries from your audience.

For Example: Suppose you are running a giveaway ad campaign on Instagram. Then in the shortcut section, you can write the keyword giveaway. And for the message section, write an answer to thank those who are interested in your offer.

When someone asks you about the giveaway offer on DMs, go to their conversation page. In the message box, you have the “+” option click on that. It will show you the quick replies option. From there, you can add the right answer for your audience. You can respond to them instantly with your quick replies. Based on the different queries from your audience, you can create different types of replies. While if you are running multiple accounts on Instagram, you can use social media automation tools like Socinator to manage and broadcast your DMs more efficiently.

Summing Up:

I really think that Instagram’s quick replies feature can be very useful for marketers. Although it doesn’t give you a fully automated responding option still, you can customize your messages for your conversations on DMs.

So what do you think about Instagram quick replies? If you are using this feature, please share your experience in the comments.

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