What Are The Different Types Of Instagram Ads To Run In 2020?

Without a doubt, Instagram has come as a pioneer in the digital marketing realm. A few years later, we were not so excited by social media content as we are today. Right! Not surprisingly, the main credit goes to this content-driven social media giant. However, still, brands are lacking behind in this competitive phase of the digital industry. And, aren’t that able to leave a mark by their work on social media hubs. Why so! Have you ever thought? 

Well, according to observations, the primary reason that comes up for this is the lack of awareness businesses have regarding different aspects of Instagram, Facebook, and various other social media platforms. Indeed, companies are not able to grab the nuances of these rapidly changing digital landscapes. Therefore, not able to make the most out of some brilliant opportunities. 

When it comes to the extraordinary attributes of Instagram, the creative ideas of adverts come to mind in the first place. And, there’s nothing wrong in it, Instagram ads have become a tremendous entity with time. Despite this, businesses somewhere don’t really understand in how many ways they can use them to enhance their product credibility. Also, they struggle with a lot of perplexities in regard to how to create an Instagram ad.

That’s why, today, I’m going to talk about different types of Instagram ads to run in 2020. Hence, you can walk the talk concerning your products and services to the audiences out there. So, are you ready! Let’s begin this!

The Best Instagram Ads To Run In 2020:

Video Ads-

Video advertising has become a humongous medium on social media these days. The engagement rate of videos is far more than regular image-based posts, as we can see nowadays. That’s why Instagram video ads can be your first preference to showcase your brand in a better light. However, there’s one disadvantage, though. Instagram only allows 30 to 60 seconds of video to get posted on its territory. But, top brands have found the ultimate solution for this barrier. They promote their video teaser on Instagram and then reveal the complete segment on full-fledged video streaming platforms like YouTube. 

Photo Ads-

I am sure many of you might not know about Photo ads. Right! Well, it’s not your fault entirely, as they come across as the most organic form of advertising on Instagram. As we all know, Instagram is acknowledged first as the massive photo-sharing landscape. Following Photo ads, you can advertise your products as a brand in the first place. Indeed, the relevant caption, hashtags, and content play the most valuable role in Photo ads. Your content should resonate with the audience. So, they click on your ad and want to know more about it.

Story Ads-

As we all know, Instagram stories launched in the year 2016, and afterward become quite famous in the last few years. Instagram stories generate a higher engagement rate as compared to various other traits of this platform. No wonder, People love using them to share the daily moments of their lives. As an after-effect, the community started the story adverts. And, they, too, are very prevalent. According to statistics, the average engagement rate of Instagram branded posts is 4.3%. And, its median engagement rate is 3.5%, which is more than Facebook. Therefore, story ads are the best types of Instagram ads for you to run in 2020. 

Basically, story ads get appeared whenever a user is jumping in between Instagram stories of two accounts. Most often, these adverts are stuffed with the “Swipe Up” alternative, which either redirects to the website of the advertiser or Instagram profile of their brand. 

Carousel Ads- 

Carousel ads are quite famous on both Instagram and Facebook. The integration of multiple images, videos, and stuff make carousel ads different from other Instagram ads. As an advertiser, it’s very convenient for you to use this form of Instagram adverts, where you can include multiple media in one-go regarding your products. Besides all this, it’s also a smart tactic to engross people’s attention towards your ad for more time. That directly serves to higher engagement rate metrics. 

Extra Dose:

You can make use of advanced ad intelligence platforms, where you can explore thousands of amazing Instagram ads and imbibe highly creative ideas for your campaigns.

Sponsored Ads-

Sponsored Instagram ads are the most common type of Instagram adverts. According to this, brands can promote their Instagram posts as paid ads. These ads get shown to the home feed of the target audience. So, you can decide whom you want to see this ad of yours. Not to mention, the effective targeting of Instagram accounts for this ad can result in a high conversion rate. Moreover, you can link your sponsored ads to your website, eCommerce store, and all. 


IGTV started back in the year 2018. The main motive of Instagram behind the inclusion of this feature was to make Instagrammers access video above one minute of limit. However, it took time for Instagram users to embrace this new feature. Initially, the idea of IGTV was to seem like a big flop. But with time, it has grown powerful. And, now it has turned into a credible source for businesses to portray products and services in a long-video form. 

Coming back to the different types of Instagram ads, IGTV ads are one of the best for you. Yes, they do not always get considered as adverts, because they don’t look like that. However, when brands make use of IGTV to post promotional video content, then you can recognize them as ads. In fact, they are nothing but a form of adverts only. 

Bonus Information: 

How To Create Instagram Ads?

I know how to create an Instagram ad is one of the concerns of newbies who barely started out in this niche. Well, these are some quick steps to run Instagram ads seamlessly like never before. Let’s see!

Step1: Visit Ads Manager. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook business profile.

Step 2: Click the “Create” Button.

Step 3: Choose your objective behind your Instagram campaign.

Step 4: Then, fill out the details regarding your ad set. 

Step 5: Select your Instagram ad placement. As per “Edit Placements”, you can show your ad on Stories, feed, and explore page on Instagram. However, you can also go with “Automatic placements”, then your ad can appear anywhere on Instagram as well as on Facebook according to their best-performing capability.

Step 6: Now, it’s time for you to set your ad budget and schedule. 

Step 7: Next, you have to add information like links, and all. After completing it, you can preview your ad and submit it for approval. Once it gets approved, your ad is good to go. 

By following these easy steps, you can run Instagram ads in no time. I hope your concerns concerning how to run Instagram ads now put to rest. 


No doubt, Instagram is the most prominent platform for business advertising in today’s time. And, there’s nothing better than Instagram ads to promote your business in a substantial manner. And, as we have discussed there are different types of adverbs you can create on Instagram. You have to just understand the requirements of each of them. Don’t forget, relevancy and high-quality content is the common ingredient in all of them. The year 2020 has started and will surely be exceptional regarding the advertising realm on social media. At this time, experimenting with different Instagram ad types can foster your business success for sure.

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