Nagpur Latest: H3N2 has been ruled out as the cause of death in an old man, according to another suspect

Swine Flu in Nagpur
Swine Flu in Nagpur

Influenza An infection with the subtype H3N2 of the influenza virus is not believed to be the key factor that led to the death of an older man on March 9 at a private hospital in the city. The clinical investigation findings and the death summary suggested that the dead, who was actually 72 years old and not 78 as was stated in an earlier record, had drug-resistant pneumonia, which exacerbated the cardiac problems he already had. The patient did not exhibit any viral symptoms of pneumonia, according to the officials.

The Minister of Public Health Tanaji Sawant also briefed the legislative body on the death investigation that ruled out H3N2 influenza as a contributing factor in the man’s passing. “The diabetic man also suffered from high blood pressure. The primary cause of his death was acute coronary syndrome. He had a compromised immune system and a chest infection caused by fungus. The death toll was brought on by each of these contributing reasons. It just so happened that he tested positive for H3N2,” stated the medical officer of the NMC, Dr. Gowardhan Nawkhare.

The comorbidities of the deceased guy were discussed in a report that was published by TOI on March 15. According to the doctors, he was also a habitual smoker. On March 6, the patient complained of having difficulty breathing, which led to them being placed on a ventilator. On March 3, he was sent to a private hospital where he was diagnosed with hypoxia as well as fever and a cough.

After conducting a death audit, the health department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation came to this conclusion and made the judgement (NMC). Dr. Narendra Bahirwar presided over the audit panel, which also featured Dr. Nivrutti Rathod of the civil surgeon department, Dr. Ravindra Khadse of the IGGMCH, Dr. Pravin Salame of the associate professor department, Dr. Nawkhare, and Dr. Shabnam Khan.

In Nagpur on Tuesday night, the death of a 35-year-old woman who was suffering from rheumatic heart disease was recorded. The woman’s death is thought to have been caused by H3N2.

According to Dr. Vinita Jain, the Deputy Director of Health Services for the Nagpur Circle, who spoke with TOI, the death audit for the woman will take place on Thursday. “We are currently collecting all available clinical information. Dr. Jain explained that she was a patient suffering from rheumatic heart disease.

At AIIMS Nagpur, the patient ultimately did not survive. In the meantime, the NMC has published new rules, requesting that all private hospitals report any patients suspected of having H1N1 (swine flu) or H3N2 virus infections. It has been requested that hospitals make testing of patients suspected of having influenza easier and maintain preparedness in their isolation units.

In addition, the local authority urged residents to practise proper hand hygiene, keep a distance of at least six feet from people who have the flu, and cover their mouths and noses while coughing or sneezing.

Since the 23rd of January, the city has registered a total of 16 confirmed cases of influenza, 13 of which were swine flu, one of which was H3N2, and two of which had both infections.

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