Instagram Suspends Account of Sagar Pandey Without Explanation

What would you do if someone living in your country is trying to abuse your country online? You would expose that individual and ask authorities to take strict action against that person, right?

This is what Sagar Pandey (Instagram ID: sagarpandeyji ) did yesterday when he exposed a bunch of individuals who were trying to create unrest in India. What happened next? Instagram suspended Sagar’s Account. He got suspended because he exposed individuals who were trying to create unrest in India. This is strange but sadly true.

What will happen if you silence the voice of the people who are reporting a crime against your country to authorities? The crime will increase, and criminals will get a free hand. This is what Instagram has unlawfully done by suspending Sagar Pandey (Instagram ID: sagarpandeyji ) .

Nationalism is not a crime, and exposing individuals trying to destroy peace in your country is not an offense. The present surveillance team on Social Media is selective in blocking accounts, and if this is where the world is heading, a civil war created due to Instagram’s fussy approach is not far away.

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