The Secret Ways to Rid Yourself of Essay Writing

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Everyone has groaned at writing an essay at least once in their life. Simply put, it’s not a fun experience. Writing is not easy, and essay writing is less so. I get it; it’s hard for you to see the benefits of essay writing, even though essay writing does have some significant effects on the human mind.

Well, ask, and you shall receive because, believe it or not, there are ways to get out of writing an essay. I’m talking about reliable methods of avoiding this dreadful process, though you may not expect some of what you are about to read.

Is There an Essay Writing Service?

Paying a friend to do your homework is not exactly a new idea. It’s been around for as long as friends and reading have existed, but it does have many drawbacks. For one, you both go to the same school, and as a result, the chances of you getting caught are considerably high. You can’t expect to get away with it forever.

What if your friend gets lazy and copies his work onto your paper? Now, you’ve got the teacher breathing down your neck, trying to figure out who needs to be punished, and that is not a gamble you want to play with. This is why essay writing services exist. Essay Stone offers you the chance to kick back and relax while the hard work gets done for you.

Sure, you may not receive the benefits of essay writing this way, but at least you get to relieve yourself of some stress. You are reducing not just for learning or producing your best work but also for your health. Both mental and physical. Stress can lower your life expectancy by more than a couple of years.

This is not a laughing matter, the studies show that stress kills, and if you dread the process of writing an essay, then maybe it is time to hire an essay writing service.

Getting It Done Through Play

Don’t be misled by the header of this section. I don’t mean that if you play video games all day, your essay will magically write itself. I am referring to the idea of gamifying the process of researching and writing so that you can work through the process of writing an essay without being bored out of your mind.

Studies have shown that gamification in the classroom boosts student engagement and the retention of information. This sounds so good; I wonder why more schools haven’t warmed up to incorporating games and puzzles into their learning curriculum. This doesn’t have to be an idea relegated to children’s classrooms; indeed, there are ways that you can benefit from gamification.

Being an adult does not mean having to say no to fun; even more, studies have proven that older people can benefit from gamification.

Supercharge Your Workspace

If you believe that the particular essay you are writing can never be gamified no matter how hard you try. Keep in mind that you could always gamify your workspace. Setting up a scoreboard or a field goal and adding points for every paragraph written without stopping is a great way to gamify your workspace.

Before long, that essay will be completed, and the best part is that you will receive all of the benefits of essay writing without any suffering. Boost this effect by posting graphics around your desk. These graphics can range from your favorite video game characters to funny comics. Whatever keeps the mood light and your spirits high.


You may not have believed me initially, but there you have it. There are ways to rid yourself of essay writing or, at the very least, of the boring parts of essay writing. Remember that an essay writing service is always available, but if you can’t afford it or justify paying so much for it, then gamifying your writing process is the next best choice.

Always remember that essay writing doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious with these solutions.

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