Aries Weekly Horoscope 19th June– 25th June 2022


Love and Relationships

Couples may become estranged. Some of you may suddenly disagree. You would be thrust into domestic responsibilities. Try to spend quality time with your spouse and prevent needless arguments. Couples may feel distant due to a lack of communication. Try to be optimistic in your relationship by calling and messaging your mate. Rahu and Venus transit may create tension for anyone involved in a legal marital dispute.


This week, eye strain and leg discomfort may occur. This week’s routine may be complicated by unanticipated health expenses and weakened immunity. You should eat well and practise yoga, and exercise regularly. If you are going on a long trip, bring a health kit and energy drink. Because of misinformation, the transit of the Moon might create health difficulties. Because of Rahu and Mars transit this week, try to do yoga or meditate regularly.


This week, you must plan on saving rather than spending. You may receive sound advice from a financial professional. Not a good week to take a loan. Expenses for family and religious work might be unexpected. A foreign trip or spiritual pilgrimage might cost you money. Learning science or religious texts costs money. Small spending on holy deeds and children’s education can also provide joy.


Communication-related business or employment with technological equipment might be profitable. This may be a nice offer for you. Those who operate educational institutions or internet platforms may prosper this week. This week may include some work-related travel. There might be some changes in the workplace. Sudden conflicts or ego clashes with your supervisor might occur. This can make you worry. Foreign clients would reward independent professionals.


Group study may make studying easier. The sports students would benefit from mentor assistance this week. Students are likely to do well in foreign studies. There can be a short course excursion. Admission to a foreign university may be successful. Father and mentor guidance may help you succeed in school. Avoid arguing with your parents and tell them what you want to study in college. This can be beneficial.

The Week’s Overview

Being in love and a relationship is like riding a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. This week the stars predict that you might be a little detached from your mate, because of a communication gap. There may be disagreements and unnecessary arguments, but try to keep your ego aside and have some quality time with them. Take the optimistic path, shower them with love letters/messages/calls, whatever they like to show your love.
Rahu and Venus transit may create havoc for the Aries natives who are in the middle of legal matters related to their marriage. Also, the relationship you wanted to start or rather give a second chance won’t work and may lead to break-up for you. Amidst this, sudden responsibilities from the home front may also turn up.
This week you need to have prior planning related to saving and expenditure. A financial expert can guide you properly. Just know that it is not a favourable week to go to the bank for any kind of loan. Family functions and religious work or travelling for the same may need your immediate financial attention. Learning occult science or religious text can also be an added cost this week. Small expenses on children’s education are likely to be there too, but it’s an investment so it’s all good.
Communication or gadget-related business are likely to boom this week. Amazing deals may come your way. Educational and online learning platforms may succeed too. The stars predict changes in the job market. Working professionals may have sudden conflicts with the boss, which can cause stress. Independent professionals can get success from their foreign clients.
Students and sporty Aries, this week may be a blast for you. Group study is likely to be helpful to make things easy. Study trips may be on the cards as well. Admissions and study plans in foreign universities may give you good news. Mentors can guide you to perform well in the sport you play. Discuss with your parents the course you want to pursue, or if sports is the career you want to choose. Who knows the stars may be in your favour, your parents might say yes and support you in your endeavours.
Leg pain, eye strain are some of the possibilities, along with weak immunity to disturb your health this week due to the transit of the Moon. You are advised to have a healthy diet and be regular with yoga and exercise. A Mars and Rahu transit may give you some strength. If you are planning for a long journey then have some health kit and energy drink with you.

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