What Is Linguistic Intelligence, and Why Is It Crucial for Your Kid?


Linguistic verbal intelligence is an enhanced ability to organize thoughts and express ideas well and clearly. A person with good linguistic skills can utilize words appropriately and express opinions in any form, such as speaking, writing, and reading. All people have an intrinsic need to communicate and form connections with people. Linguistic skills are crucial to thriving in social situations. Improve your child’s communication skills by hiring an English tutor, especially if you find them struggling in communication.

Recommended extracurricular activities to enhance your linguistic intelligence

Please help your child imbibe the linguistic multiple intelligence from an early age to help develop their inner strength. You might want to consider enrolling your child in acting, debate, creative writing, and poetry writing classes to help them develop a love for languages and expression.

Each person can develop all eight multiple intelligences. If you find that your child is strong in linguistic multiple intelligence, do not focus your efforts in this one area. Instead, utilize your child’s strengths to address weaker areas to build the ability of a child to grasp all areas of learning.

Make sure to check how your child feels about the extracurricular classes you enrol them in. Check if they have good energy, a positive attitude, and a high level of self-confidence before and after the course. If the class doesn’t fit their needs, you will find that your child is resistant and irritable. It is a good idea to audit the class before enrolling your child. Talk with the instructors and discuss their training program.

Help your child achieve communication goals

People who are skillful in choosing words contextually have a higher ability to appreciate words and their meanings. These people can develop sharp and straightforward word usage. It is effortless for them to combine structure and syntax to match their needs according to context. Overall, they can utilize language optimally to achieve their communication goals. Enhance your child’s ability to use language and hire an English tutor to give them a headstart in this area.

Social benefits

The benefits of verbal intelligence are not only for enhancing communication but also excellent for expressing one’s thoughts, wishes, and opinions. Although you do not necessarily expect your child to be a superior speaker, it is crucial to be intelligent with words while communicating. It allows them to converse with other people and their social and educational circle optimally.

It is clear why verbal-linguistic ability is essential. Society emphasizes the importance of speech and communicating. A person’s ability to interact is mitigated if thoughts are not expressed easily. In many cases, you may have been amazed by people with good vocal skills. 

Job opportunities

Numerous jobs rely on an extraordinary ability to utilize words, especially in high paying professions such as law. Other jobs that require strong linguistic skills include editing, teaching, and media. But intelligence in utilizing words is an asset in all fields as well. For example, medical professionals must communicate well with their patients, and employers must negotiate and write documents. Army commanders must speak well to motivate and inspire their subordinates. Communication is the key to social and professional life, and language is the backbone for it.


It is crucial to develop your child’s linguistic intelligence. Words are utilized in speaking and writing, so help your child develop an intuition to use the right words and expressions to help them achieve anything they want.

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