Filter Coffee, Cigarettes and Citizen Amendment Bill Protests.

Read my analogy to understand why protest against Citizen Amendment Bill is flawed.

Imagine you sit at a cafe everyday. The cafe is now a part of your daily routine. Life is easier after the cafe opened in your neighbourhood. You sip your coffee while writing your blogposts everyday.

One fine day, out of sheer demand from the other visitors, the cafe decides to add filter coffee in the menu. Filter Coffee has a big fan base all over India, and it is a harmless addition to the menu.

You are from the North of India, and the demand for filter coffee has been increasing day by day. The cafe adds a ‘coming soon’ banner just outside their entrance.

Seeing the banner, the people who sit outside the cafe start making demands of letting people smoke inside the property. They start spreading Instagram posts on how smokers make a bigger chunk of coffee sippers and so, their demands must be met.

Cafe rejects these demands because the cafe has a centralised AC, and smoking inside the cafe would technically destroy the aroma. The silent majority sitting at the cafe doesn’t want the smokers to smoke inside. Cafe doesn’t want to stop smokers from entering the cafe, but they don’t want the smokers to smoke inside their property.

The protest escalates, and the people who smoke start protesting in colleges around the country. They start creating fake narratives with Instagram stories that says, “smokers are banned from cafes and this is regressive.”

Media starts publishing op-Eds from teenagers who write long pieces about how Marlboros Lights are important with Coffee and it should be allowed to smoke inside the cafe.

Cafe just wants their property to be clean. A harmless addition of filter coffee is completely ignored by the main stream media.

Bollywood soon joins the protest by lighting their cigarettes and posting videos of them smoking on their social media.

Case studies are shared on different journals about how smokers are being treated with complete disrespect in India. Eventually, smokers come and burn multiple cafes down.

This is what is happening with Citizen Amendment Bill.

Citizen Amendment Bill Violent Protests

The addition of prosecuted minorities from neighbouring countries are completely ignored. Majority in the Neighbouring nations are cigarettes. They cannot be allowed to take citizenship in our nation. The minorities are filter coffee. It is an harmless addition. They are a part of Indian ‘culture’ since the beginning of time. They must be protected. This doesn’t affect Indian Muslims at any part. They were part of India. They are a part of India. They will be a part of India till the end of time.

Say NO to violent protests. Say YES to Citizen Amendment Bill.

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