Knock Knock- is your Intuition Home? (Part 3)

Intuitiveness means that you can sense and feel something just by being you. Your body tingles at a sense of danger. Your mind reels at a feeling of an upcoming surprise. You predict the unpredictable with uncanny accuracy just because there’s a breeze in the air or a twist in the mind. Aware of your surroundings and those who surround you, you have an intense acuity for what is about to unfold long before it does. While you might step in to prevent a woe from materializing, if you intervene, who could say if you stopped a disaster or simply imagined it and then worked to change the course of events?

Intuition may lead you to glorious outcomes and terrific moments, and most often it does or else you would learn to ignore the obvious signals and discount any bell-ringing alerts. A certain cynicism might even surface as a way to save face, avoid inner inspection, and circumvent problems. Who likes to be made the fool, the jester, the chump?

Intuitiveness is a wonderful, seemingly innate characteristic of some individuals. These folks possess an instinct beyond description, a built-in in-built mechanism for seeing, knowing, living, and being. If this trait is truly inborn, is it also born in? Do you have it because you carry the “instinct gene”? Do you lack it because this particular gene is missing or awry? Is natural or learned? Does it come from nature or through nurture? Either you have or you don’t? Or is it a combination of all?

I surmise that some people are born with a supernatural sort of intuition. Their insight and sensitivity are beyond logical explanation. They act without thinking and all comes out right; they react without hesitation and all turns out great. Regardless of the wind and the rain, the sun and the moon, the planetary alignment and sync of the Earth, they just have it.

I also believe, however, that most of us have just a twinge of this intuitive perception and we can choose whether to advance it to the upmost heights, or let it diminish and fade away due to the absence of interest or activity. The latter tend to bungle through life, sometimes avoiding disaster while at other times blazing into it headlong. With carefully honed skills at placing blame on others and events outside of themselves, existence skitters on.

For others, we develop our intuitiveness in a variety of ways that include listening with full attention, noting with complete accuracy and reality (as we perceive it), reflecting with due care, and by researching, asking questions, and broadening the mind and the intellect. Above all, to widen our vision we learn to pause. To take in, consider, think about, and question before we blurt a retort or lash out in action. This pause offers the milliseconds required to let instincts roar in, perception refocus, and clarity to touch our senses. Our intuitive perception ability explodes.

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