Drones to kill mosquitoes in Hyderabad City Lakes

Day by day, mosquitoes are increasing.

What is the solution for this?

Where do mosquitoes come from?

As we are taking the primary care and unable to control it to the fullest. For all these problems, The GHMC, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation comes with a solution that is killing the mosquitoes with drones.

Thinking how is it possible? Yes, It is possible. The Drones are going to fly above the lakes in Hyderabad city, while it moves from the lake it gonna spray the chemicals which will kill the mosquitoes in and around the lakes.

This has been tested a few weeks ago in Hyderabad city and it was a successful attempt. This gonna reduce the number of workers in the Hyderabad city lake to spray the chemicals in and around the lakes. Also, sometimes when manual spraying with human beings happens it’s not possible to reach to the corner of the lakes.

As of now, the Drone can carry nearly 16 to 17 liters of chemicals per trip. With this drone definitely, there is a chance of reducing the mosquitoes in and around Hyderabad city lakes. Hope this type of drones comes in more number of cities in India. This drone has been designed and developed by the T-Hub enthusiasts.

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