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Lack of strategy, skills biggest barriers for AI adoption in India

(IANS) Seven out of 10 IT professionals in India think that the lack of a strategy is the largest barrier companies face in developing explainable and trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI), a new report said on Thursday.

Another greatest barrier to successful AI adoption is limited skills, expertise or knowledge (38 per cent) for organisations exploring or deploying AI in the country.

“As the adoption of AI grows steadily, organisations in India are using AI to augment their core business processes and services to better serve their clients, employees, and important stakeholders,” said Siddhesh Naik, Data, AI & Automation Sales Leader, IBM Technology Sales, IBM India South Asia.

The report saw three trends clearly emerging in India.

First, automation use cases are at the forefront of AI adoption as businesses are using AI to stay competitive and operate more efficiently.

“Second, effective data management and AI deployment go hand in hand because without the right tools, it is difficult to leverage data across their business. And third, it is critical to ensure trust in AI by explaining how the AI arrived at a decision,” informed Naik.

While 57 per cent of IT professionals in India said that their organisation has actively deployed AI in their business, over a quarter (27 per cent) indicate that their organisation is exploring the use of AI.

Over 50 per cent of IT professionals in India at companies exploring or deploying AI say their organisation plans to invest in research and development (56 per cent), building proprietary AI solutions (54 per cent), and reskilling and workforce development (52 per cent) in the next year.

The IT professionals in India are in near unanimous agreement that it is important to their company that they can build and run AI projects wherever their data resides.

More than 3 in 4 IT professionals in India (78 per cent) said that at least a quarter of the workforce at their company requires access to company data to make decisions.

A majority of IT professionals in India (93 per cent) agreed that being able to explain how their AI arrived at a decision is important to their company.

Globally, the AI adoption was up 4 percentage points compared with 2021.

Apple, Samsung face new fines for not shipping power adapters

(IANS) Tech giants Apple and Samsung are reportedly facing new fines for not shipping power adapters with new smartphones.

According to GizmoChina, after Apple had removed the power adapters from its retail box for smartphones, Samsung had soon followed suit as well. However, this has led to both companies facing scrutiny and fines from various governments across the globe.

As of right now, Apple is facing additional fines in Brazil for not shipping their new iPhones with a charger.

The brand has stated that the move to remove the power adapter is basically reducing its yearly carbon emission by 2 million metric tons thanks to smaller packaging, which leads to more boxes in a single shipping pallet. But, it also benefits the company since it does not have to ship power adapters and AirPods, while it also saves on shipping costs as well.

Meanwhile, Samsung also made the same shift with its flagship smartphones. However, a judge in Brazil ordered Apple to reimburse a consumer the equivalent of $1,081 since not shipping the power brick violates the consumer laws of the company. Thus, the South Korean tech giant also faced a fine for not including a charger.

Furthermore, both companies are also being charged in Sao Paulo as well, by the consumer protection agency called Procon.

Netflix actually losing long-term paid subscribers: Report

(IANS) Netflix is fast losing long-term subscribers — who have been with the streaming service for more than three years – further adding to its woes as the company faces stalled growth amid revenue slowdown.

According to a survey report by The Information, new data show that people who have been subscribers to Netflix for more than three years accounted for 13 per cent of cancellations in the first quarter this year.

The Information received data from US-based analytics firm Antenna.

The data showed that overall cancellations hit 3.6 million people in the January-March period – a massive jump from 2.5 million cancellations in the past five quarters.

Amid the cancellations, new accounts make up for a smaller share, another worry for Netflix that is struggling to retain users for longer periods of time.

Nearly 60 per cent of cancellations were done by new subscribers in the last quarter, according to the report that came out on Wednesday.

Amid slow revenue growth, Netflix has laid off nearly 150 employees, primarily in the US.

“As we explained on earnings, our slowing revenue growth means we are also having to slow our cost growth as a company. So sadly, we are letting around 150 employees go today, mostly US-based,” a Netflix spokesperson was quoted as saying in reports on Tuesday.

“These changes are primarily driven by business needs rather than individual performance, which makes them especially tough as none of us want to say goodbye to such great colleagues,” the company added.

Netflix saw its stock tumbling by 20 per cent after it reported a loss of 2 lakh paid subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, its first subscriber loss in over a decade.

Moreover, it now forecasts a global paid subscriber loss of 20 lakh for the April-June quarter (Q2).

Netflix last month laid off several experienced journalists and writers working for its entertainment site Tudum which it launched only in December last year.

To brighten up its future prospects, Netflix is reportedly planning to live stream its upcoming slate of unscripted shows and comedy specials.

Netflix has also fast-forwarded its plans to bring ads right into its TV shows and movies, along with curbing password sharing.

Things to Consider When Grandparents Provide Child Care

adult affection baby child
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are many things to consider when providing child care for your grandchildren. These include being flexible, communicating with the child’s parents, and setting up daily routines. You may want to follow the tips in this article to make the experience more positive for both the grandchild and the parents. Below is a list of a few of the most important things to consider when providing child care for grandchildren. Hopefully, they will help you feel comfortable caring for a grandchild.

Be flexible

While you can’t expect your grandparents to buy new toys for your children, you can ask them to watch the kids a movie or play a game. There are many free things you can do with your child, from watching a movie together to reading stories. The key is to keep them safe. While your grandparents raised their own children just fine, they may be overzealous with their instructions. However, there are some things you should know about giving care to your grandparents.

Whether the grandparents are providing child care for your grandchildren, it’s best to make a rough schedule of the day so they can prepare accordingly. Include nap times, meal times, and any special requests your child may have. Also, remember that they might need to be available for extended periods of time, so they need to be flexible. Moreover, try to schedule a trial period so you can see how they feel.

Parents should know that grandparents can be fun, permissive, or both. But, they should still follow rules and discipline when they watch their grandchildren. While some grandparents are used to telling their own children what to do, be sure to set limits and be flexible if necessary. It is important to establish rules and boundaries with your grandchildren, because otherwise they may become irritable. Make sure you are clear about these rules from the start.

Communicate with parents

If you want to communicate with parents when providing child care, you need to respect their feelings and preferences. Parents are highly invested in their children, and they may be unwilling to share their feelings with you, especially when it involves child care. However, parents usually value your opinion, so if you have something negative to say about their children, it will be interpreted as criticism of their parenting. Instead, you should empathize with the parents’ dilemma and stress their positive efforts to raise their children.

It’s helpful to discuss any concerns or issues with your caregiver as soon as possible. It’s easier to discuss problems when no children are present. For example, you can discuss problems with your grandparent on the weekend, or after work at night. When both parties are relaxed, it’s easier to talk about problems, even if you disagree. Also, when you both know the same history and love your child, the conversations will be easier.

Make sure to communicate with the parents when grandparents provide child care. Keep in mind that grandparents put in a lot of effort. Some parents pay them for babysitting their children, while others only give them a token payment. If you are planning to pay your grandparents to babysit, it’s essential to discuss what you expect. Many grandparents will refuse monetary compensation, but you can compensate them in other ways.

Be sensitive to grandchild’s feelings

As a grandparent, the role that you play with your grandchild may change over time, depending on the needs of the child and the family dynamic. For example, a new baby in the family may change the dynamics of the home. Another change may be a parent starting a new job. As a grandparent, you can be there for the child when they need someone to help out.

Remember that you are providing more than just a place to sleep and a meal. Your support and interest in their lives can make the difference between success and failure. Children benefit from their grandparents’ interest, support, and involvement. While you may not be able to provide your own child care, your grandchild will likely appreciate the time you take to help them. Grandparents should take the time to get to know their child’s family, but be sensitive to the way he or she feels.

In China, grandparents often provide child care for their grandchildren. Their care can directly affect a grandchild’s development, but they may also have an indirect influence through their relationship with parents. It is rare to find research linking grandparental sensitivity with parenting, and even fewer studies have explored the links between the two. A study of 42 Chinese parents aims to explore whether grandparental sensitivity affects parenting sensitivity and infant EF.

Set daily routines

As a grandparent who provides child care, you’re taking on a full-time job, so setting daily routines is key to ensuring your grandchildren’s wellbeing. Establishing communication lines with your grandchild’s caregivers is essential to your relationship. Be sure to listen to what parents want, and communicate your expectations so that everyone is on the same page. The child will benefit from clear communication, as will your grandchild.

As with any childcare arrangement, make sure your grandchild feels safe with you. Children often act out in safe environments, so take a moment to picture yourself in their shoes. Even if you’re not the one doing the caring, imagine your grandchild feeling vulnerable or angry, or upset. They may not feel safe expressing their feelings in an environment that is familiar to them. It’s also important to be aware of new medical discoveries and updates. While a loving, caring presence is invaluable, it’s important to educate yourself on new discoveries in infant sleep positions and safer over-the-counter medications.

Children benefit from routines in many ways. Routines reduce conflicts, overscheduling, and decision-making, and give parents time to relax. They also help children learn healthy habits such as washing their hands after using the toilet and getting enough exercise. Routines reduce stress levels, which is important for children’s immune systems. For example, children with routines are more likely to learn about healthy habits and make better choices.

Be clear about responsibilities

If you’re providing child care to your grandchildren, it’s important to clarify what the grandparent’s responsibilities are. Although they’re not parents, they can provide the child with important guidance. For example, grandparents should establish rules for their children. Grandparents should not impose their own rules on their grandchildren. The grandparent should make sure to set consistent rules and stick to them. The grandchild should respect the grandparent’s authority to say “no” if necessary.

When providing child care to your grandchildren, be clear about your responsibilities and your time commitment. Depending on the age of your grandchild, you may only want to spend time with them during the day. However, if you’re living far away from your grandchild, you may need to find a way to balance child care with time with your other children. Consider working a flexible schedule so you can have some time with your grandchild.

Parents should also be clear about their expectations. Providing occasional babysitting is fine for grandparents, but regular full-time care should be compensated. As with any other arrangement, babysitting requires certain responsibilities and duties. You may want to pay your grandchild for the services provided or offer a payment in kind. Be clear about the amount of compensation you’d like to offer and how much you can reasonably expect.

Avoid awkward situations

When deciding to offer your child care, there are several things you can do to avoid awkward situations. If you have small children, your role will be especially demanding and you want to give your child some time to unwind. However, it is important to remember that grandparents value their own time and will be annoyed if you run late for their appointments. You should also set limits on screen time for the child and make it clear to your grandchild exactly what these boundaries are.

First of all, you need to know that the kids will see you as a teammate, not an opportunistic figure. You may have the best intentions, but a bad reputation could make your grandchild less than eager to have you watch them. Avoid making negative comments about the child’s parents to the grandparents, as it may not go over well. Children may stop trusting you if they believe you do not respect them or are not responsible enough to take care of them.

In addition to these rules, don’t expect the grandparent to buy the children new toys or pay for activities. Playing games with your children or watching movies together can be great activities, and you can keep the costs of such activities low. Most importantly, keep your children safe. After all, they were well-cared for by their parents, so they know how to handle the children. They might also be overzealous in their instructions, but some childcare basics are universal.

Entrepreneurship: Creating genuine employment opportunities

three people sitting beside table
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Upon entering the market, entrepreneurs stimulate job creation through two mechanisms. First, new businesses compete for market share with existing firms. Some new entrants succeed in gaining market share while others fail. This increased competitiveness in the supply chain causes positive gains in employment. This leads to increased market demand and, in turn, more job creation. In a more complicated model, the two effects work in a s-shaped manner over time.

Entrepreneurs are assertive, ambitious, energetic, and seek leadership roles

Successful entrepreneurs possess a high level of focus and energy. They are willing to take risks and fail, but they are also tolerant of failure. They are also willing to fail quickly and easily, analyzing the reasons for their failures and trying again. These traits are the foundation for success in business, especially in the entrepreneurial world. However, entrepreneurs must have the following personal and interpersonal qualities to be able to thrive in business.

As an entrepreneur, you will be in the forefront of creating a new business. This requires considerable effort, but in return, you will gain a sense of self-determination and independence. You will probably have to cold call, write emails, learn how to generate social media buzz, and negotiate production costs. In general, entrepreneurs are risk takers with a new idea or twist. They often aim to fill a niche in the market.

The self-made person has long been a favored figure in American society, and the entrepreneur is no exception. However, the last few decades have seen a rise in the romanticization of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is no longer simply a career choice. As the world continues to become more globalized, it is crucial for Millennials to provide a supportive environment for budding business owners. The lack of guidance and funding for millennials may make it harder for them to start their own business.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be draining and requires a balance of work and personal life. In addition to the learning curve that comes with starting a business, entrepreneurs often face a dilemma of whether to expand their product line or open a new location. The physical demands of running a business are often noted by entrepreneurs. It involves cleaning a new space, setting up shop, and so on. The business may even require an entrepreneur to be on call 24 hours a day.

In bad economic times, entrepreneurship is especially important. New firms can boost demand, reduce unemployment, create new jobs, and increase competition. Governments need to encourage entrepreneurs to continue to thrive, and support policies and regulations that facilitate their growth. The economy can benefit greatly from such efforts. So, promoting entrepreneurship is vital for the competitiveness of the country. So, how do you encourage entrepreneurship?

They are nimble and agile in the business environment

In this competitive and volatile world, entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to save money, increase efficiency, and stretch resources to reach their goals. They are also essential to the deployment of new technologies and products on a large scale. A Wall Street Journal article outlines reasons why established companies should foster corporate entrepreneurship. By leveraging nimble and agile business practices, entrepreneurs can keep up with the changing business environment and combat new entrants.

The concept of organizational agility is everywhere in today’s business environment. You’ll find it everywhere from agile marketing to agile software development. Being agile means anticipating what’s coming, monitoring trends, and executing quickly. Agile thinkers respond to change and create new products quickly. Those who thrive in this environment are buoyant, sharp, and quick to adapt to change.

In addition to creating new products and services, entrepreneurs are also nimble and agile in the business culture. They have the ability to pivot when Plan A doesn’t work. Examples of successful pivots include Slack and Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield. Agile business cultures enable entrepreneurs to quickly adapt to market conditions and change business strategies. It fosters a culture of innovation, which benefits the entire economy.

They think outside the box

Basically, thinking outside the box means thinking differently. This does not mean doing the exact opposite of what others do, but finding a better way. This is not an easy task, however. Each individual’s thinking style is different, so if you’re prone to becoming agitated in an office environment, you might want to take a walk instead. By thinking differently, you’ll be able to create new ideas that might otherwise be impossible to implement.

One example of thinking outside the box is Netflix. Netflix has become a global sensation because of its innovative and original solutions to an old problem. Netflix incorporated a unique twist to a standard video store template. Similarly, entrepreneurs need to be creative and unconventional to ensure their businesses are successful. For this reason, entrepreneurs must develop creative solutions that can solve a variety of problems. But how do they go about it?

They are innovative

In order to drive the economy, new firms are needed to commercialize radical innovations. They often create entirely new markets or disrupt established markets. Ultimately, entrepreneurs drive economic growth by creating jobs. In addition to creating jobs, they are also responsible for producing mountains of valuable data. While most economists believe that economic growth is driven by labor and capital, they may be wrong. In fact, new firms are often more flexible and less costly.

In addition to technology, innovative entrepreneurs are also highly skilled in managing people. Entrepreneurs must be skilled in people management, which can take many forms. As an entrepreneur, you must be motivated and optimistic. You should be able to change course as needed to succeed. Managing people is a significant part of the business process. It takes time to build a team of workers and to motivate them to achieve goals.

The best entrepreneurs find opportunities and convert them into products and services. This creates new wealth, which ultimately contributes to the national economy. Moreover, innovative businesses help remove regional disparities in economic development by setting up new industries in backward areas. In fact, innovation leads to the production of goods and services that everyone needs. And because it’s more efficient, more people will be able to afford them.

Entrepreneurship research shows that the new businesses that enter the market create jobs. The researchers show that a complex S-shaped effect develops over time. While a direct employment effect occurs, the indirect impact is even more complex. While a new entrant may fail to take market share, they increase competition among suppliers, which leads to positive employment gains. So, innovation does not only spur economic growth and job creation, but it also creates new jobs.

The Ultimate Baltimore Travel Guide

Baltimore is a popular tourist destination in Maryland, in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America, near Washington, D.C. It is perhaps most famously known historically as the city where Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner during the Battle of Baltimore of the War of 1812. Today it has become a major center for tourism and travel. Local highlights include excellent seafood (steamed blue crabs, raw oysters, Maryland crab cakes, and Maryland crab soup) and Camden Yards (the first “retro” major league ball park and where the Baltimore Orioles play). Baltimore possesses a vibrant arts scene with the largest free arts festival in the US (Artscape) occurring annually in July, a renowned arts museum American Visionary Arts Museum that is dedicated to outsider art, and the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins. It is also home to Johns Hopkins University, Morgan State University, University of Baltimore, Loyola University, Goucher College, and the Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Baltimore Climate

Baltimore lies within the humid subtropical climate zone, and weather is primarily affected by three factors: its proximity to a warm marine estuary, its low elevation, and the wall of mountains to the west and northwest. These factors make the area’s climate milder and less extreme than other U.S. cities at this latitude. Summers are humid and hot, but not extremely so, with highs reaching the high 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit and lows in the 60s to low 70s. Winters are cool to mild and moist, with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s, and lows in the 30s and 40s. It is almost never below 10°F in the city proper. Light snow can sometimes fall in winter, although some years there is no significant accumulation and once every few years a coastal storm can dump 8 inches to a foot of snow on the city. Spring and fall bring pleasant temperatures in the 50s-70s(°F), and southern breezes.

While weather in the region can vary, Baltimore does not experience the extremes of weather change that occur further north and inland. Visitors will be able to venture outdoors without a jacket from approximately mid-March to late November. The hot humid summers invite the wearing of shorts on many days. The Baltimore area experiences pleasant fall foliage, usually beginning in mid October and ending in early December. The long warm weather season means that swimming pools are very popular for much of the year as well.

Things to see in Baltimore

As Baltimore is a predominantly African American city, there are many opportunities to experience African American history in this town. The most prominent is the Great Blacks in Wax Museum located on East North Avenue in East Baltimore close to Johns Hopkins University. This museum showcases African American History through art. Another site of interest may be the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Black History located close to the Harbor Area.

The Baltimore Harbor is the busy center to the city, a major tourist attraction, a must-see, often featuring live music by jazz groups and crooners and plenty of eating and shopping. While locals scorn the Inner Harbor as a pre-fabricated tourist mecca devoid of true Baltimore culture, visitors should see the harbor, and especially should visit some of its excellent museums and other attractions. Highlights range from the Historic Ships in Baltimore (including the USS Constellation), the kid-mesmerizing Maryland Science Center, to the popular and enormous National Aquarium, to the radically eccentric American Visionary Arts Museum.

The tourist district of the Inner Harbor is a great destination, where you will have a great time. But it is oddly ahistoric in one of America’s most historical cities. The most prominent historical attraction is Fort McHenry across the harbor at the tip of Locust Point. It gained an iconic status in American history by successfully defending the Baltimore harbor from the British naval bombardment in the War of 1812, at which time Sir Francis Scott Key was inspired by the tattered but still waving American flag on the fort to write the poem that would later become the national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.

The other very rewarding historical destination in Baltimore is just east of the Inner Harbor in Fells Point, once a separate town founded in 1730, which became wealthy throughout the 18th and 19th centuries on shipbuilding and the maritime trade (and anti-British privateering). Architecturally, little has changed for more than a century, and the cobblestone streets, old pubs, and quaint harbor area are more than enough to lure visitors.

While you won’t run out of attractions to visit in the Inner Harbor, there are many attractions throughout the city that you should not miss. Look especially for Westminster Hall and Burying Ground Downtown, the Maryland Zoo in Druid Hill Park, the original Washington Monument and the Walters Art Museum in Mount Vernon, and the Baltimore Museum of Art up by Johns Hopkins University.

Baltimore Basilica, 409 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD 21201 (A few blocks north of Inner Harbor), ☎ 410-727-3565. 830-430. Benjamin Latrobe was the architect for this incredible cathedral, built in neo-classical style. Latrobe went on to redesign the US Capitol after it was burned by the British. The first Catholic Cathedral in the United States, the building has been completely restored. Docents are available to give free tours, or you may walk around on your own. The dome, whose design was influenced by Thomas Jefferson, is worth the visit, even if you don’t have time for a tour. Be sure to check out the undercroft, where the large brick foundations that support the dome are clearly visible. Architectural and religious beauty… this place has it all… right in downtown Baltimore.

Things to do in Baltimore

  • Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave, ☎ 410-276-1651. The Creative Alliance is a vibrant arts center with over 200 events a year ranging from costume dance parties, to folk music performances, rap, world music, and indie film screenings. The space holds two art galleries, a theater, classroom, media lab, live/work studios for 8 artists, and a bar/restaurant. 
  • Bite of Baltimore, Fells Point (Downtown neighborhood near Inner Harbor), ☎ 4109296525 9-5pm. Baltimore’s Premier Food Tour! Bite of Baltimore is the locally run, locally focused, and locally integrated Food Tour of the city! Currently operating in Fells Point, you can learn the history, culture, and cuisine of the city! $60.


Baltimore has several professional sports teams.

Professional Indy Car Racing

The Baltimore Grand Prix Is cancelled for 2014-2015.

Professional Baseball

The Baltimore Orioles  are the city’s Major League Baseball team, playing their home games at the lovely Camden Yards.

Professional Football

The Baltimore Ravens, the city’s National Football League team, play their games at M&T Bank Stadium. Consistently one of the best teams in the NFL, they have been known for their ferocious defense.


Baltimore is famous for being hometown of the Greatest Olympian of All Time: Michael Phelps, who used to train at North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

Horse Racing

Pimlico Race Course, located in the North Baltimore neighborhood Pimlico, is home to the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of America’s Triple Crown Horse Racing Competition.


  • Moonrise Festival A 2 day EDM festival in North Baltimore in Early August.
  • Baltimore Pride,. A two-day weekend festival in June of each year celebrating Baltimore’s LGBT community. There is a parade through the city, a festival in Druid Park, and a block party in Mt. Vernon, as well as other events.
  • Maryland Deathfest For those who enjoy a good headbang, an annual metal festival is held at the city’s SONAR venue at the end of May. 
  • Artscape: This festival to showcase the arts is held every July in Mt Vernon. This festival features opportunities to experience and purchase arts and craft produced by Baltimore artisans and tailors. It also features concerts of both local and national talent. Past performers have included Common, India Irie, The Temptation and Patty Labelle
  • Afram: This festival to celebrate African American culture is held every June downtown. It feature vendor selling seafood, soulfood and other American favorites. It also has concerts by African American artists and carnival rides.
  • Maryland Film Fest. The Maryland Film Festival is an annual five-day event that takes place in early May, presenting top-notch film and video work from all over the world. Each year the festival screens approximately 50 feature films and 75 short films of all varieties — narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, and hybrid. Films are often introduced by celebrity hosts from within and outside of the film industry, as well as a featured film selected by John Waters. 
  • Otakon. One of the largest and longest-running anime conventions in the United States, held over a three-day weekend in July or August (varies depending on the year). Even if you are not into anime, you’ll get to see throngs of Japanese cartoon-inspired costumed attendees (cosplayers) take over the Baltimore Convention Center and Inner Harbor during the convention.  
  • StoneSoul Picnic: This festival is held every August in Druid Hill Park to celebrate African American heritage. It usually appeals to youth but has vendors, clothing and other items for sale that can be purchased by all ages. There is also usually a concert by a younger hip hop artists. Past performers have included J Holiday, Tiffany Evans and Mario.
  • Baltimore Book Festival: 3 day book festival with over 100 exhibitors/booksellers, author signings, cooking demos and other events and activities held in late September at the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore (it used to in Mt Vernon) to celebrate reading. Free admission.
  • Light City Baltimore – Annual festival in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor featuring light art installations and free concerts held in late March/early April. Free admission.
  • Maryland Fleet Week & Air Show Baltimore Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show Baltimore celebrates the rich maritime traditions of the Chesapeake Bay and the contributions of Marylanders to the defense of the nation. It’s a biennial event; last one celebrated on October 4-8, 2018. Next one expected in 2020. Located around the inner harbor. Free admission.

Now You Know

How Can Science Prove the Existence of Aliens?

two alien inside car wallpaper
Photo by Miriam Espacio on Pexels.com

In 1967, Irish researcher Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered a strange signal. The signal consisted of short pulses that appeared every day, around the same time on Earth according to sidereal time (the rotation of Earth relative to the stars). The interval between these pulses was 1.3 seconds, which is considerably shorter than the pulsating sources that we know of. Jocelyn Burnell attributed the signal to an alien civilization.

Circumstantial evidence

Scientists are trying to gather proof that aliens exist in our solar system. Attempts to send space probes to other planets are part of the search. Other theories include alien abductions and extraterrestrial technology. But is there any evidence that aliens have visited Earth? Some scientists say yes. But the question remains: Is this evidence really circumstantial? Several recent reports indicate that there is.

UFO and flying disks documents have been examined by researchers in the National Archives. While most of the documentation is attributed to terrestrial aircraft, there are some who believe UFOs are alien in origin. Though the possibility of extraterrestrial life on the Moon was ruled out in the 1960s, many other bodies in our Solar System are not habitable by highly developed life. However, the possibility of primitive alien life exists on these bodies remains open.

Besides the many physical signs of extraterrestrial life, scientists are studying the potential for extraterrestrial intelligence. Astronomers have found over four thousand extrasolar planets. Mars and other outer solar system moons have likely underground water. This suggests there are many worlds with life. Although many searches have been unsuccessful, the discovery of alien intelligence would have enormous scientific impact. Therefore, scientists are conducting active searches to find the evidence.

SETI mission

The goal of the SETI mission is to find out whether extraterrestrials are indeed listening to our radio signals. This is impossible, of course, since our Milky Way contains trillions of planets – each covering the equivalent area of Washington, D.C. However, there is no evidence that intelligent life exists on all of them. That said, SETI researchers do not believe the hypothesis that aliens do not exist is unfounded.

To accomplish this, the SETI Institute triangulates the radio tracks of two satellites. They then use the information to determine the radiant of the signals and the speed of the trajectory at the initial detection point. This process has a high probability of discovering alien life, and has been done successfully in the past. But it is not always that simple. It is not yet clear if SETI will ever successfully detect alien life, and the program is not currently funded.

The SETI Institute is a nonprofit organization based in California, and has established a Web-based experimental station. The mission involves one hundred Signatories: prominent physical and biological scientists, philosophers, and educators. The Institute will use this data to develop new technologies to peer at distant planets. If alien life is indeed present, this new technology could help mankind find alien civilizations. In addition to the SETI mission, a new spacecraft will help us understand the universe better.

The SETI mission to prove the existence of aliens is still underway, but recent advances have allowed scientists to make it a successful project. The team behind the mission plans to use advanced technologies to identify and collect additional data. And since the mission is so important to the human race, it is essential to seek extraterrestrial life. For that purpose, scientists have been working with new technologies and strategies since the beginning.

In mid-February, Breakthrough Listen, an initiative led by UC Berkeley, announced the release of two petabytes of data, or two million gigabytes. This data was collected as part of a SETI survey of our galaxy. This project is one of the most comprehensive surveys of radio emissions to date, and it is accompanied by a peer-reviewed paper. This means that the results are more than likely to be wrong.


The discovery of the ‘Oumuamua,’ which was traveling at about 58,000 mph, sparked speculation about the possible presence of alien life. It did not appear to be a typical asteroid, nor did it appear to have a cometary tail. Scientists were baffled by its unusual acceleration, and concluded that it was propelled by a mechanism unknown to us.

Although ‘Oumuamua’ is still in the early stages of research, scientists are confident it is not a comet or asteroid. They also claim that it was likely ejected from the Kuiper belt region by Neptune, and that it is now traveling in deep space. Its existence may even help us understand the origins of life on Earth.

‘Oumuamua’ was a peculiar visitor to Earth, with its strange features not explained by the usual human explanation. The theory, however, does fit the data very well and can even be falsified. The scientific community, as always, is willing to entertain a strange theory if it can prove the existence of aliens. So why do scientists still doubt the ‘Oumuamua’ hypothesis?

While ‘Oumuamua’ may be an extraterrestrial probe, astronomer Avi Loeb believes it could be a spacecraft that was sent by an alien civilization to study Earth. Loeb and his team have also discussed the attitude of the scientific community towards uncertainty. They conclude that ‘Oumuamua and how science can prove the existence of aliens overseas is not an entirely credible hypothesis.

‘Oumuamua’ was discovered by astronomers at the Haleakala Observatory in Maui. Scientists first discovered the object by studying data collected by telescopes in the Pacific Ocean. It was a point of light that flew too fast to be trapped by the sun’s gravity. It was named ‘Oumuamua’ and was the first object ever detected from interstellar space.

Oumuamua and how science has discovered evidence for the existence of alien life in the solar system is an excellent case study of the phenomenon. It was once thought to be a rocky asteroid, but scientists recently discovered that it was in fact a comet. The phenomenon occurred because of a sudden acceleration in its tail as it moved away from the sun. This acceleration gave the comet a rocket-like push that was unprecedented for a comet.

Rare Earth hypothesis

The Rare Earth Hypothesis is an intriguing alternative theory that claims advanced life evolved in a planet’s atmosphere under conditions that are uncommon in our Galaxy. Its authors, astronomer Donald E. Brownlee and paleontologist Peter Ward, questioned the popular view that Earth is typical of rocky planets in our Galaxy. The Drake Equation, which predicts that life will evolve towards greater complexity and culture, also contradicts the Rare Earth Hypothesis.

The Moon, which comprises only 5% of the Milky Way’s stars, is believed to have formed from a massive impact that struck the planet in the early universe. The Sun’s orbit is nearly circular and has a period of 226 Ma, which matches the galaxy’s rotational period. Moreover, planets orbiting such a nearby star are at increased risk of solar flares, which can ionize their atmospheres and inhibit the growth of complex life. Despite the lack of evidence to support this theory, many exobiologists believe that planets can be habitable in the right circumstances.

While there is no conclusive evidence for the presence of aliens on Earth, scientists are still convinced that intelligent life could have arisen on a rocky planet. This theory also supports other theories, including the existence of an eerie, life-loving extraterrestrial civilization. Some astronomers believe that a distant civilization could have predicted the evolution of our planets. Moreover, they could have sent robotic probes and signals to juvenile Earths eons ago, when they were able to develop advanced life. However, there are only faint traces of such a civilization. Therefore, it is unlikely that any alien life has invaded our planet.

Life could have evolved from simple organic compounds – and then organized those compounds into complex molecules. These events can occur only once on Earth. As a result, habitable planets are much rarer than we originally believed. They might be in the “Goldilocks” zone between the sun and the stars, but they may not be able to support life because of gamma rays or asteroid bombardment.

The Subtle Link Between Creative and Analytical Mindsets

Scientists from Drexel University’s Creativity Research Lab have conducted research to study the brain activity of people who are creative and analytical. They discovered that these brain differences can be seen even when people aren’t actively working on a problem. The findings offer some directions for developing neuroscience-based assessment methods. The study was conducted by Brian Erickson and John Kounios, both of the university’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Diversity enhances creativity

There are many advantages to diversity in organizations. It encourages creativity, as diverse teams tend to process information more thoroughly and question their own decision making. Diverse teams are also more likely to be aware of their own biases and entrenched ways of thinking. This makes them more open to different perspectives and encourage greater scrutiny of each other’s ideas and work. But how does diversity contribute to innovation? How does it improve an organization’s overall performance?

The answer to this question lies in balancing the needs of creative and analytical minds in teams. While the former focuses on creativity, the latter enables logic. While the former is essential to innovation, building teams that combine both is also helpful. The results of this study are based on studies of the benefits of diversity in boosting creativity. While diversity increases the probability of innovation, it may not be the best solution.

Inclusion has many other benefits. According to a recent McKinsey report, a diverse workplace increases the rate of innovation. The report found that companies with high gender and ethnic diversity outperform those without. This suggests that diversity has many positive effects on an organization. And the benefits extend beyond the workplace. It can improve an organization’s reputation and financial performance. For example, it can foster a culture of innovation and challenge preconceived ideas.

Research on the relationship between diversity and resilience has shown that employees feel valued when working with diverse teams. They stay longer at a company that supports diversity and inclusion. In addition, employees are also more engaged when working for a diverse company. Research has shown that companies with diversity policies have lower turnover rates and are perceived as more socially responsible and human. That can only help to increase employee satisfaction and retention. So, why is diversity so important?

Analytical thinking enhances creativity

Creative and analytical thinking complement each other. When people think analytically, they develop insights through taking things apart, bringing them together, and then drawing conclusions. Creative people are more apt to draw conclusions and use these ideas to fuel their creative work. Both types of thinking require a certain level of empathy. Both approaches are beneficial when the goal is to come up with something fresh. The best way to balance the two is to develop a strategy that is a mix of both types.

Creative and analytical thinking require different skill sets. Analytical thinking helps solve problems with a logical solution. However, creative people are better suited for problems with multiple solutions. While analytical thinking is useful for problem solving, it is less effective for problem-solving. When a problem is divergent, a solution can come from both types. When one type of thinking is ineffective, the other is better. Creative people are better at generating ideas and using them to solve complex problems.

In creative work, analytical thinking is vital to success. It involves combining original ideas with research to find the best solution. Creative individuals constantly analyze information to find patterns and make informed decisions. They also keep themselves informed about their surroundings. For instance, by reading a book, they keep their mind running and stimulate their creative thought processes. These books also force the brain to think differently. If creative people are more likely to find better solutions to a problem, it is because of their analytical thinking skills.

Creative thinkers are also known to be more open to new ideas. While analytical thinkers often approach problems head-on, creative people use different approaches and strategies. Testing different solutions allows them to refine their thought processes and discover different approaches. For creative thinkers, this process can lead to more original ideas. For creative types, it may seem like brainstorming is not enough. The creative process involves generating many possibilities. This method is important in identifying problems, predicting outcomes, and attempting something new.

Research boosts creativity

The difference between analytical and creative mindsets is profound. The former is a psychological construct that differs from intelligence, and its benefits are often elusive. Creative mindsets, on the other hand, are independent constructs. By boosting creativity, researchers hope to improve workplace performance. However, more research is needed. In this article, we will discuss some important aspects of these mindsets and what they mean for your career.

One interesting study found that stimulating physical environments can help creative tasks. For example, a study by Janetta Mitchell McCoy, PhD, found that high school students who were immersed in a natural wood setting designed collages more innovatively than those in drywall or plastic. However, these results were temporary, as the novelty wore off after a short time. Thus, a combination of creative tasks and stimulating environments can help your career advancement.

While coffee can help us think creatively, other substances, such as marijuana, can cause us to think more rationally. Psychological distance, as psychologists refer to it, helps us focus less on the problem at hand. It is also said that hot water can increase alpha waves, which are precursors to creativity. Eureka moments often occur in the shower. This is one way to boost both analytical and creative mindsets at the same time.

This research provides the first concrete evidence that creative mindsets increase productivity. Research shows that the growth mindset is correlated with the ability to produce new ideas. It also supports the generalizability of the growth mindset in creative endeavors. Although the growth mindset and the fixed creative mindset were correlated, they were not significantly correlated. And the study found a moderate correlation between them. The research further suggests that creativity is correlated with effort, while fixed mindsets decrease it.

To assess the incremental validity of creative and analytical mindsets, researchers compared their results to previous studies and conducted a multi-sample study. They found a 0.64-percent correlation between the two. Interestingly, this finding is highly consistent, and suggests that creative mindsets have an impact on the productivity of individuals working in a professional environment. Further research is needed to determine whether creative mindsets are associated with higher levels of productivity.

Conflict between creative and analytical mindsets

The Conflict between creative and analytical mindsets is an enduring debate in business and academia. Most people identify with one type of thinking over the other. In the past, psychologists have described creativity as a different part of the brain. In reality, the two types of thinking are actually physically separated. People who are more analytical may be more creative, but they tend to save their creative thinking for when they are faced with a major problem, a difficult task, or when a decision seems like it has no other way to be made.

In the business world, team members from different spectrums may face opposition and conflict when working on a project. To avoid such a situation, creative and analytical team members must learn to balance their processes and complement each other. Using the results of previous campaigns is one way to incorporate both types of thinking into new ideas. In marketing, combining analytical and creative mindsets is a smart move. It will make it easier to implement new ideas and improve current marketing campaigns.

As the world becomes increasingly competitive, creativity is the key to success. To be successful in a competitive marketplace, different perspectives, perceptions, and ways of processing information collide to create new products and services. But collaboration between various players is necessary for innovation. Conflict can be unproductive and lead to a breakdown of the creative process. In the process of innovation, conflict between different players can turn personal. When disputes become personal, the creative process becomes stale and the results lack novelty.

How Senior Citizens Can Save Money

Photo by John Guccione www.advergroup.com on Pexels.com

The older we get, the more important it is to save as much money as possible. The main reason for this is that it’s highly likely we will want to retire, or at least reduce how much we work, and when that happens, our incomes will decrease. Therefore, it’s important to have a plan in place to save as much money as you can so you can enjoy your retirement and not become financially troubled. With that in mind, read on to find out more about how senior citizens can save money. 

Cut Transportation Costs

Owning a car can be an expensive thing to do when you have a limited income. Not only does it cost to buy the vehicle and make payments, but even if these aren’t something you need to think about because you’ve already paid the car off, for example, you still need to consider other costs. These include:

This can quickly add up. However, the great thing about a car is that it offers you freedom, which you might not want to give up. In that case, why not utilize services like Lyft or Uber? When you do this, you only pay for the journeys you take, which will reduce your costs. Alternatively, if you like to drive, you could hire a car when you need one or get involved in a car-sharing scheme that means you share a car with a number of other people, giving you access to a vehicle at a reduced rate. 

Think About Your Living Situation

Another big cost that we all have in life is the cost of our home. Owning a property or paying rent could become more difficult when you’re not working, but again, you have a number of options. One idea could be to rent out a room or two if they are spare. Not only will you get some help towards your bills, but you’ll also have company, which can be another issue when we get older. If you like being alone, why not downsize? You’ll have a more manageable property and some extra money too. Alternatively, you could move in with family or perhaps think about assisted living in Massachusetts

As we’ve said, there are a number of different options open to you, depending on what you want and what your money-saving needs might be. 

Shop Differently 

No matter where you live, you’ll need to buy things. You’ll need to buy food and other household items, you’ll need to buy clothes, and you’ll need to buy things that make you happy. This final item shouldn’t be disregarded; depriving yourself of things to save money might make sense financially, but it’s not necessarily good for your mental health

Rather than reducing what you buy, why not just reduce how much you spend? You can do this by looking at charity stores and second-hand goods rather than buying everything brand-new. 

This will save you money, but it’s also a fun hobby. Scouring the stores for bargains and finding items that will be just right for what you need can be a truly enjoyable way to spend some time. 

New Google Cloud initiative to secure open-source software supply chain

(IANS) Google has launched a new initiative to secure open-source software (OSS) supply chain as cyber-criminals look for vulnerabilities like Log4j and Spring4shell to disrupt key operations.

Google has announced ‘Assured Open Source Software service’ that will enable enterprise and public sector users of open source software to easily incorporate the same OSS packages that Google uses into their own developer workflows.

Google said that the packages curated by the Assured OSS service are regularly scanned and analysed for vulnerabilities and are built with Cloud Build including evidence of verifiable SLSA-compliance

“There has been an increasing awareness in the developer community, enterprises, and governments of software supply chain risks,” the company said in a statement late on Tuesday.

Remediation efforts for vulnerabilities like Log4j and Spring4shell, and a massive 650 per cent (year-over-year) increase in cyberattacks aimed at open source suppliers, have sharpened focus on the critical task of bolstering the security of open source software.

“Google continues to be one of the largest maintainers, contributors, and users of open source and is deeply involved in helping make the open source software ecosystem more secure,” it said.

Assured OSS lets organisations benefit from Google’s extensive security experience and can reduce their need to develop, maintain, and operate complex processes to secure their open source dependencies.

“Assured OSS allows enterprise customers to directly benefit from the in-depth, end-to-end security capabilities and practices we apply to our own OSS portfolio by providing access to the same OSS packages that Google depends on,” explained the company.

YouTube Music for Wear OS rolls out Wi-Fi, LTE streaming

(IANS) Tech giant Google has announced that its music streaming app YouTube Music for Wear OS can now let users stream content over Wi-Fi and LTE.

The company said that starting this week users will be able to stream music over LTE or WiFi, so they can listen to their favourite playlists wherever they go, even when their phone is not nearby.

Second, users can now add a new YouTube Music tile to their watch that allows quick access to a recently played playlist or the browse page of the YouTube Music app.

“As a YouTube Music Premium subscriber, you will have access to more than 80 million songs and thousands of playlists on your YouTube Music app,” the company said in a blogpost.

This standalone app is said to be the first smartwatch app from YouTube Music that allows YouTube Music Premium subscribers to download and stream music for ad-free listening, even without their phones nearby.

The app also comes with the Smart Downloads feature, which refreshes the songs users have downloaded to their watch whenever it is connected to WiFi.

The app will even offer tailored playlists based on your listening history, so users can choose the perfect soundtrack for whatever they are doing.

India slides 4 spots on overall fixed broadband speed globally

(IANS) As the country prepares for the 5G era, India dropped four spots in rank globally for overall median fixed broadband speeds — from 72nd to 76th spot in the month of April, a new report showed on Wednesday.

Overall median fixed download speeds in India saw a slight decrease from 48.15 Mbps in March to 48.09 Mbps in April, according to Ookla, the global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights.

However, India recorded 14.19 Mbps median mobile download speeds which is better than 13.67 Mbps in March.

With this, India is now two notches up in its global ranking and is at 118th position, according to the report.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore led the mobile broadband and fixed broadband categories, with a median download speed of 134.48 Mbps and 207.61 Mbps, respectively.

Ukraine and Papua New Guinea registered the highest increase in rank on Ookla’s ‘Speedtest Global Index’ for median mobile and fixed broadband performance respectively, in the month of April.

The data for the Global Index came from hundreds of millions of tests taken by real people using Speedtest every month to test their Internet performance.

The report came as Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched the self-made 5G test bed in the country.

Noting that the 5G technology will facilitate governance and make a positive change in ease of doing business in many fields, Prime Minister Modi said that it will create more jobs in many sectors.

The 6G service, he said, will be launched by the end of this decade, adding that a taskforce has already started working on the project.

Russian Grand Prix will not be replaced on 2022 calendar, says Formula 1

Formula 1 has confirmed on Wednesday that its 2022 calendar will feature 22 races after the sport governing body opted not to replace the cancelled Russian Grand Prix.

Following the decision, the 2022 Formula One calendar will now run to 22 races rather than the originally planned 23.

It was announced on February 25 that, following meetings between Formula 1, the FIA and the teams, the championship would not race at the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, which was set to be held on September 23-25.

But it’s now been revealed that there will be no additional Grand Prix added to the calendar to fill the gap – meaning the 2022 calendar will run to 22 races.

The sport body said that it would fill the slot, with various options including Qatar and Turkey as well as a second race in Singapore, but there will now be an extra break before the Singapore-Japan double header.

The decision not to add a replacement was announced on the official website www.formula1.com.

Formula One is set to expand again next season, with a Las Vegas night race set to debut as a third round in the United States.

Cabinet approves amendments to National Policy on Biofuels-2018

The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday approved the amendments to the National Policy on Biofuels-2018.

The new amendments will allow more feed stocks for production of biofuels, and advance the ethanol blending target of 20 per cent blending of ethanol in petrol to ESY 2025-26 from 2030. They will also promote the production of biofuels in the country, under the Make in India programme, by units located in Special Economic Zones and Export Oriented Units.

The amendments are also to grant permission for export of biofuels in specific cases, and to amend certain phrases in the policy in line with decisions taken during the meetings of the National Biofuel Coordination Committee (NBCC).

Due to advancements in the field of biofuels, various decisions taken in the NBCC meetings to increase biofuel production, the recommendation of the Standing Committee and the decision to advance to introduce ethanol-blended petrol with up to 20 per cent ethanol throughout the country from April 1, are to be incorporated in the National Policy on Biofuels though the amendments.

This proposal will also attract and foster developments of indigenous technologies which will pave the way for Make in India drive and thereby generate more employment, as well as leading to reduction in import of petroleum products by generation of more and more biofuels, a government statement said.

Since many more feed stocks are being allowed for production of biofuels, this will promote the Atmanirbhar Bharat and give an impetus to Prime Minister’s vision of India becoming ‘energy independent’ by 2047, it said.

The National Policy on Biofuels-2018 was notified by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas on June 4, 2018 in supersession of National Policy on Biofuels, promulgated through the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, in 2009.

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