Man eats pizza everyday for 37 years!

The man hogs. We all have dreams, right? Growing up we want to be our favourite superhero or basketballer. Some...

The need for responsibility accounting in 21st Century 

Responsibility accounting is an approach towards controlling how the responsibility for a particular venture is assigned. The ultimate goal is to control...

Benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is the financial lifesaver for the whole South-east Asian nation comprising of an excess of 100...

Emotional Stability: Guide to a Peaceful Life.

Leading the ideally peaceful life is something that we all desire. However, achieving the same while enduring the mundane routines that...

Summarising the Knowledge in Rigveda

This Rigveda is considered to be one of the four sacred Veda texts in Hindu religion. The depth of the texts in...

Ways to fund your business

The process of starting a business is a huge leap in itself. Along with all the other determiners, the capital funding is...

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How Exactly did these Lazy, Bamboo Chewing Clumsy Pandas Evolved?

The giant panda, also known as panda bear or simply panda, is a bear native to south central China. It is easily...

Bloomberg plan to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in 10 years

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Friday unveiled a broad plan to eliminate all coal power plants and...

Qatar says there has been ‘small progress’ in resolving Gulf dispute

DOHA - Qatar’s foreign minister said on Saturday there has been small progress to resolve a 2-1/2 year dispute between the...