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The beautiful city becoming the world’s best place to live

“Sydney has risen from fifth to third, thanks to an improvement in its culture and environment score,” said The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Thinking of Visiting a Popular Tourist Destination? Try These More Affordable Alternatives Instead

Popular travel destinations usually earn their status for good reason: they deliver on culture, scenery, food or flair. Unfortunately, because of their...

Where to travel based on your Harry Potter character

Divining the destinations that suit our personalities to a tee is no mean feat for us mere muggles. If, like this...

Where to eat, sleep and play at Europe’s most eclectic city

One of Europe’s more eclectic capital cities, Amsterdam offers an abundance of history, art, architecture and culture along with a heady mix...

Want to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 2020? Start planning now

Travellers who want to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 2020 should start planning – permits for the epic hike...

Best Time to visit Everest Base Camp

The best time to visit Everest Base Camp is during October, September, and November. These months are known for the best time to visit the precious...

The case for weighing passengers before flights

It is economically efficient and good for the environment! A FAVOURITE PASTIME of air passengers is to moan about...

Exploring the world’s oldest and continuously inhabited city: Varanasi.

So you’ve visited the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and survived the crowds? You've earned your India stripes...

10 of the World’s Most Colorful Destinations 

You don’t always have to wait for a nice, spring or summer rain in order to get a spectacular view of a...

Dipping below the surface

Slovenia is a country shaped by water – its landscape sculpted by thermal springs, freshwater lakes, racing rivers and picturesque coastline. People...

Ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites To Visit In The Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are known for their warm, sunny climate, spectacular beaches, and also several cultural and natural sites. Many of these...

The Largest Countries in the World

From Cape Horn all the way to the Arctic Circle, the world’s largest countries provide a beautiful snapshot of the variety of...

Rotterdam: A “living lab” and the meeting place of the future

Already known as a 'smart city' and the world's first C02 neutral port, Rotterdam is rapidly creating capacity to host the mega-events...

For travelers, sustainability is the word—but there are many definitions of it

The word “overtourism” is so new it does not yet appear in most dictionaries (although it was shortlisted as a Word of...

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