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The term Leadership is thrown around in every sphere today, be it entrepreneurship, corporate world, students at college or even politics. Being a Leader is striking and powerful, and we at NYK Daily, bring to you, how to be a good one. Leadership takes courage, innovation, taking a stand for those you wish to lead, knowledge, and an approach that makes people choose you to be their leader, rather than enforcing it yourself. Citing several examples of the top world leaders, businessmen and even small yet significant stories, we at NYK Daily have a lovely collection for you, an amalgamation of stories, theses and guidance. Lead on!

Employee Motivation – A 7 Point Checklist For Success

Millions of words have been written about employee motivation. I've contributed a few thousand myself. The topic is nowhere nears as complex...

Few mistakes to avoid when claiming your workers’ compensation benefits

When you are injured at your place of work, you become entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Now, these include your medical treatment...

Some Good Techniques for Self-Care

September is National Self-Care Awareness month and what better time to reflect on the habits and techniques that you have in place to take...

Surviving Challenges is the best way to learn

Imagine you are an emerging or new leader and your boss has offered to send you on a week-long leadership development course.

Planning avoids Crisis in Business and Life.

We all understand the importance of perception. The line between perception and reality is often quite thin. Actions taken by a communicator...

3 Lessons I’ve Learned In My First Few Months Of Internet Marketing

In my short time in this wild game of internet marketing, I’ve really learned a lot. A lot about myself, a lot...

People Management: Questions you Must Ask

The study "people management" in business was initiated and developed early in the 20th Century. But it's now 2014. Those pre World...

Different elements of ‘Trust’

The word trust comes from the German word "trost" which means comfort. Trust is having the confidence or faith in another person...

Catching a Liar in Personal and Professional Life

We live in a world full of liar (s) and deception. Most of us (or all of us?) lied or were forced...

What’s the Difference Between a Hair Stylist, a Dental Hygienist, a Lawn Service and...

There is no difference – they all sell products their clients will need again on a regular basis.

How to Exercise Life?

Life is the greatest roller coaster ride we will ever take. The ups and downs, the unexpected changes, the twists and turns,...

Paraphrasing Questions for Effective Management

Understand this. The quality of information you receive will be directly related to the quality of the questions you ask. Sloppy, imprecise...

How to Sustain Innovation?

The need for sustain innovation is a given in today's business environment. And while a breakthrough product or concept can catapult an...

Lost in the shuffle? Take a deep breath and read this.

When was the last time you felt stuck in a situation, where you didn’t know how to get out of it, and...

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