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The term Leadership is thrown around in every sphere today, be it entrepreneurship, corporate world, students at college or even politics. Being a Leader is striking and powerful, and we at NYK Daily, bring to you, how to be a good one. Leadership takes courage, innovation, taking a stand for those you wish to lead, knowledge, and an approach that makes people choose you to be their leader, rather than enforcing it yourself. Citing several examples of the top world leaders, businessmen and even small yet significant stories, we at NYK Daily have a lovely collection for you, an amalgamation of stories, theses and guidance. Lead on!

The Achievement Paradox

Getting things done gives us a remarkable sense of achievement. We feel as though something we started has been completed that the...

Steps to Infuse Self-Confidence in Young Leaders

Self confidence is something everyone should have to succeed in life; in fact, the more self confidence you have, the better are...

An Inevitable Face Off: Planning Vs Execution

Planning has always been an integral process when it comes to managing your own business. It basically promotes the creation of a...

Greasing the Path to Leadership Success: A Definitive Guide

Whether it's making a prospecting call to a promising business contact, giving an informal "elevator speech" to a networking group, or attempting...

Do’s, Don’ts and Sneaky Tactics- Winning Arguments

We all get into arguments and get frustrated when we cannot convince the other person to share our point of view. Persuasive...

Two Important Leadership Traits: Fairness and Transparency

If you want to become a more effective leader, focusing on fairness would be a good place to start. If you think...

Conflict Resolution Tips for Millennial Leaders

Conflict Resolution is a skill set necessary for survival in today's business world. The ability to recognize conflict, understand the nature of...

How to Leave your Job Gracefully

Just as every story has an ending, so do jobs. Whether you leave your current job voluntarily or involuntarily, a proper good-bye...

Personal Ethical Dilemmas? A Reflection

Running red lights The most common ethical dilemma is involved when you are taking someone to hospital for an...

Self Improvement: Necessity or a Choice

If you want to have better outcomes in life you must become a better person. If you desire to have better children...

Highly Effective People: Habits to Adapt

The rewards of being able to work co-operatively with other people can be considerable - personal satisfaction, financial gain, achievement of goals...

Tactics And Strategies Of Effective Leadership

Consistent patterns of behavior govern the leadership styles. There are certain tactics that are exercised by a leader to influence the followers....

Ants – A Lesson in Teamwork

An individual ant is pretty dense and pretty dull. However, collectively ants can perform near-miracles. As a team ants can build their...

Leading And Embracing Change- A Road Map

Change is in every facet of an organization's life cycle. The reality is, you either become an agent of change or you...

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