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The term Leadership is thrown around in every sphere today, be it entrepreneurship, corporate world, students at college or even politics. Being a Leader is striking and powerful, and we at NYK Daily, bring to you, how to be a good one. Leadership takes courage, innovation, taking a stand for those you wish to lead, knowledge, and an approach that makes people choose you to be their leader, rather than enforcing it yourself. Citing several examples of the top world leaders, businessmen and even small yet significant stories, we at NYK Daily have a lovely collection for you, an amalgamation of stories, theses and guidance. Lead on!

People Management: Questions you Must Ask

The study "people management" in business was initiated and developed early in the 20th Century. But it's now 2014. Those pre World...

Leaders Can’t Succeed, Unless They BEGIN!

In many instances, a major difference between the most successful leaders, and the rest - of - the - pack, is, the...

Collaboration and Coexistence- The Management Demands of 21st Century

The study of management theory and practice is relatively new. It commenced around 1900. It included strong emphasis on, as it used...

How to Create a Champion Workplace Team Instead of a Team of Champions

Organizations are comprised of individuals. We spend lots of time and money trying to get those individuals to perform well. That's desirable. But there's another perspective. Each individual can perform well. But if they can't work effectively with each other, your business will suffer. The basic human performance unit of the workplace isn't the individual. It's the team.

Employee Motivation – A 7 Point Checklist For Success

Millions of words have been written about employee motivation. I've contributed a few thousand myself. The topic is nowhere nears as complex...

Personality Conflicts – How You Perceive Them Will Determine How Well You Help Resolve...

Work is a social event. It occurs with people and between people. If the people "don't get on" for whatever reason we...

What’s the Difference Between a Hair Stylist, a Dental Hygienist, a Lawn Service and...

There is no difference – they all sell products their clients will need again on a regular basis.

How to become s successful Sales Executive with Words.

Art of Salesmanship: Being is about achieving goals and achieving certain standards for most of us. And to...

Knock Knock- is your Intuition Home? (Part 3)

Intuitiveness means that you can sense and feel something just by being you. Your body tingles at a sense of danger. Your...

Cheer, don’t fear the art of Decision Making

Decision making is inherently a risky task for all of us in general, as we are all somewhat afraid of making mistakes...

Surviving Challenges is the best way to learn

Imagine you are an emerging or new leader and your boss has offered to send you on a week-long leadership development course.

Concept of Authenticity in Effective Leadership

The concept of authenticity has its roots in Greek philosophy: 'To thine own self be true'. Authenticity has been described as the...

Ways to Become a More Confident Person

Confidence is not something everyone is born with. Most of us have to work at it. One of...

Hardest things to do in our lifetime

One of the hardest things to do in our lifetime, is to accept ourselves completely as we really are. Each new chapter...

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