RSS backed university to begin operations next academic year with Vedic curriculum, ambience.

New Delhi , Sept 16 (ANI):Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)-affiliate Vishwa Hindu Parishad's first University, christened as Ashok Singhal Ved Vigyan Evam Praudyogikee...

The Story of a Diamond – Sparkly Tales!

Ever wondered why we value diamonds a lot? And why they sit comfortably on most engagement rings? Surprisingly, R.W. Emerson cracked these...

The Need for Group Creativity in Service Development

Creativity can be defined as problem identification and idea generation whilst innovation can be defined as idea selection, development and commercialisation.

How to Sustain Innovation?

The need for sustain innovation is a given in today's business environment. And while a breakthrough product or concept can catapult an...

Report traces pathway to energy transition

New Delhi, Sep 12 (IANS) The World Economic Forum’s new report on Thursday laid out the implications of a gradual versus a...

Innovative Wall Painting Techniques

Do your walls seem dull and uninviting? Do you long for a cozy, welcoming room? Consider decorative wall painting techniques, such as...

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max: the most powerful and advanced smartphones

Featuring a Stunning Pro Display, A13 Bionic, Cutting-Edge Pro Camera System and Longest Battery Life Ever in iPhone with iPhone 11 Pro...

Green Building- A Gateway to Sustainability

The pressure is on to adopt green building practices. However, green building might seem overwhelming if you associate it with unfamiliar building...

Creating a Bird Friendly Backyard

Children and adults alike enjoy seeing birds in the backyard. It's nice to be so close to these wild animals, and they...

What is Branding- 2019 Version.

Branding has been defined, explained and examined extensively. There are books, articles, publications, seminars, and groups all dedicated to exploring the meaning...

Pocket-Friendly Tips to Increase Value of your Home

Did you know that you could drastically increase the value of your home without having to invest heavily in having your home...

Saving Energy and Cutting Your Carbon Footprint

Many people will know some of the obvious ways of saving energy such as improving insulation, using low energy light bulbs and...

Learning Process: How to accelerate your Grasping Power

Although you may not currently be a student, learning is a life long process. Perhaps you need to learn something new for...

Artificial Intelligence Job Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic these days, and it looks like it’s going to become even more important in the...

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