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All Religions are not the same — TIME CONCEPTS (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here: https://nykdaily.com/2019/10/all-religions-are-not-the-same-hindu-dharma-has-a-scientific-temper-part-1/ “Time is the interface between Science and Religion” — Dr. CK Raju

As economy slows, new ECB head Lagarde faces big challenges

The ECB’s benchmark interest rate on deposits left overnight from banks is already at an unprecedented minus 0.5%. Bank officials have said it could be cut further, but at some point the ECB would reach a point where adverse side effects such as the impact on bank profits may outweigh the benefits.

A quick ‘Main Stream’ travel guide to Russia

The land of Vladimir Putin and snowy mountains - Russia certainly feels like it is on one edge of the world and...

How many of these trending destinations for next year have you heard of?

Booking.com’s 2020 Travel Predictions have been released and it says that 70% of global travellers say that they want to go somewhere...

Cozy Towns to Visit this Winter

Oh lush snowy winters! All they make you want to do is sit in a cozy sofa surrounded by a warm blanket...

Humans have salamander-like ability to regrow cartilage in joints

Contrary to popular belief, cartilage in human joints can repair itself through a process similar to that used by creatures such as...

10 Best Camping spots in the world

Camping in the world's wildest places doesn't mean you need to give up the hope of a relaxing holiday. If you...

Wonderful Museums of Alexandria

Serving as the capital of Egypt and an important commercial and cultural hub for hundreds of years, Alexandria, located to the North...
Israel explores Asia

Israel, the capital of Fintech, has a lot to offer.

FinTech’ is a common phrase used in numerous business and entrepreneur magazines. I am sure, the readers have always wondered what the...

The Greatest King of South India: Krishnadevaraya

Krishnadevaraya was a prominent ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire of South India. As the third ruler of the Tuluva Dynasty of the...

Infosys declares 160% interim dividend

(IANS) Global software vendor Infosys on Friday declared an interim dividend of Rs 8 per share of Rs 5 face value, or...

Travel Guide to Taiwan

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan for the first time, there are several areas worth visiting to make the most...

High fibre diet reduce lung cancer risk, says study

(IANS) Researchers from Vanderbilt University have found that high fiber diet and yogurt help reduce lung cancer risk. The...

People Management: Questions you Must Ask

The study "people management" in business was initiated and developed early in the 20th Century. But it's now 2014. Those pre World...

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