The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word ‘entreprendre’ which means “to undertake”. Anyone that starts a business of their own with potential financial risks involved, to earn profits, can be an entrepreneur. But what makes you a successful one? We at NYK Daily, have a plethora of counsel just for you, articulated into efficient and simple language by our in-house successful entrepreneurs who have seen the grind and overcome failure. NYK Daily hosts a variety of content in this field – capital ventures, funding, building a revenue model, marketing, profits and even successful stories. The content also tackles issues of financial modelling, losses and mental health – the most important part of the journey in entrepreneurship. The writers of NYK Daily, with their experiences of successful entrepreneurship have talked about how they kept their mental health in check, despite all the stress, financial lows, social issues and uncertainty.

Chris Diaz Has Capitalized In A Big Way Through Unique Branding Strategies

 Business is all based on relationships and networking. While one person could be overqualified and have all of the skills necessary for...

Why You Need OKRs ?

OKRs are Objectives and Key Results Growth, progress, and achievable goals- any business owner or manager understands both the...

Mic Check Global’s Darris Robins empowers local artists to adapt to changing times

It is often remarked that with time and effort, talent finds its way of expression through life. The...

Model-turned – entrepreneur Tanner Chidester has special fitness advice for thriving business owners

Being an entrepreneur is highly rewarding and yet, it comes with a price. The long hours, strategic thinking, and managing people puts...

“The man behind the brand” – Alan Lazar

Humility, with its prudence, has given many a man his daily bread, and to some, even more. With humility, walks success and...

How a Blockchain Search Engine Helps Luxury Brands Fight Counterfeit Goods

Since its invention in 2008, blockchain has been put to a number of practical uses by both start-ups and long-established businesses. From...

Jiu-Jitsu player turned sports entrepreneur: Hans Molenkamp

They say that if you stay focused on one line of work, you can end up achieving mastery in it by turning...

Effectively Funding your Business or Startup

Amongst all other things, finding a suitable financing scheme for your business or startup can be quite the task. Especially, if you are...

Essential tips and tricks for professional business networking

Whether you are a self-employed businessman, a corporate employee, or even a manager of a large corporation, you ought to follow some...

Robotic lens that can be controlled by the eyes- Latest Creation

The lens could be the first step in creating glasses that adjust to blinking.

How can I learn the basics of entrepreneurship through Pro-Wrestling?  

ProWrestling is a huge phenomenon with dedicated followers throughout the world. Pro Wrestling involves pre-fixed matches that are scripted by writers for...

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A Light of Hope among youth- Dr. Naren Goyal

Career, path, goal, success and life; all those topics always become a bunch of confusion between today’s youngsters, but a trainer from...

Chirp 2.0 for Apple Watch adds new features

(IANS) Chirp for the Twitter app is now receiving its biggest upgrade since its arrival with the latest version 2.0 update.

Now, edible oils may burn a hole in your pocket

(IANS) After onions, the prices of edible oils have started surging as the bio-fuel programs in Malaysia and Indonesia have increased the...