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The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word ‘entreprendre’ which means “to undertake”. Anyone that starts a business of their own with potential financial risks involved, to earn profits, can be an entrepreneur. But what makes you a successful one? We at NYK Daily, have a plethora of counsel just for you, articulated into efficient and simple language by our in-house successful entrepreneurs who have seen the grind and overcome failure. NYK Daily hosts a variety of content in this field – capital ventures, funding, building a revenue model, marketing, profits and even successful stories. The content also tackles issues of financial modelling, losses and mental health – the most important part of the journey in entrepreneurship. The writers of NYK Daily, with their experiences of successful entrepreneurship have talked about how they kept their mental health in check, despite all the stress, financial lows, social issues and uncertainty.

Embracing the ‘Start-Up Culture’

These days lot of debate is going on to choose best between 'Start-up Culture' and Corporate Culture. Start-up Culture in terms of...

Energy, Focus And Freedom: Ingredients for an Entrepreneur.

Self-care and business success are like wind and a sailboat - individually they're all right, but together they make magic. You can have a...
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The 9 Key Distinctions of Successful Freelance Entrepreneurs!

SUCCESSFUL Freelance Entrepreneurs approach life and business from a perspective that is new, fresh, and rather unorthodox. The differences are subtle, yet...

Entrepreneurship – Stress = Success

Every now and then, our greatest fear becomes our mightiest mistake- Stress! Business stress is a typical disease...

When Should You Fire Your Child from the Family Business?

Choosing to fire your child can be one of the most difficult decisions you can make as a leader of a family...

Do You Really Have the Mindset of an Entrepreneur?

The 21st century has witnessed an enormous surge in the numbers of interests in entrepreneurship. Nowadays, almost everyone wants to own a...

Survived and thrived: How tough times build tough companies

After months of anti-government protests, Hong Kong’s hospitality industry is struggling. But tough times build tough companies. Here’s what we can learn...

Quantum gold rush: the private funding pouring into quantum start-ups

Robert Schoelkopf spent more than 15 years studying the building blocks of quantum computers until, in 2015, he decided it was time...

Facebook to invest in tech startups in India: Official

Thiruvananthapuram, Sept 27 (PTI) In a move that would give a tremendous boost to the startup ecosystem in India, social media major Facebook...

Twitter co-founder to invest in Kerala start-up

Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 27 (IANS) Twitter co-founder and Angel investor Biz Stone on Friday said he would be investing in a Kochi-based start-up,...

Effectively Funding your Business or Startup

Amongst all other things, finding a suitable financing scheme for your business or startup can be quite the task. Especially, if you are...

Essential tips and tricks for professional business networking

Whether you are a self-employed businessman, a corporate employee, or even a manager of a large corporation, you ought to follow some...

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