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The Story of Dakshin Ayodhya: How the Bhakti tradition of Rama spread in South India through music.

Bhadrachalam or Badradri is called Ayodhya of South. It is in Khammam Dist of Telangana about 350 Kms...

How Satya Nadella Became the Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year

Who buys computers these days? No one. Then how did Microsoft CEO become Business man of the year?

My Obit for TN Seshan: The man who saved Democracy

Before Seshan-After Seshan. Who remembers Mahem massacre today ? Can you imagine a Gun wielding...

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At top, Samsung sold 81mn smartphones in Q3 as global sales drop

(IANS) The smartphone unit sales declined 5.7 per cent globally to 366 million units in Q3 from the same period last year,...

Snapchat launches Spotlight, to pay top creators $1mn a day

(IANS): Taking on TikTok, Popular photo-messaging platform Snapchat on Monday officially released Spotlight where Snapchatters will also have the opportunity to earn like...

GitHub fixes security flaw flagged by Google

(IANS): Microsoft-owned open source code repository GitHub has finally fixed a security flaw spotted by Google months ago. Google disclosed...

AI based eye exam may lead to early Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

(IANS): A simple eye examination combined with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning technology could provide early detection of Parkinson's disease, say researchers.