Verbal diarrhea of DMK: “Sanatan Dharma is like dengue and malaria, it must be eradicated”. Tamilnadu CM’s avowedly Christian son vilified Sanatan Dharma,  expressing his unbridled hate inspired by his idol Periyar against Hinduism

Tamilnadu, a quintessential land of ancient Hindu history, enriched culture, and massive Hindu temples which are sadly under control of secular ministers who hold hatred towards Hindu culture, is now being heavily populated by political and religious hate. A state where huge temples with their uncanny history are a significant symbol of eternal Sanatan Dharma, is currently being a venomous arena of politics for the ruling party and its supporters. Secularism is the most dangerous disease in this state which allows the converted Christians to talk maliciously about a particular religion –Hinduism. DMK is a loyal ally of Congress party that is known for anti Hindu propaganda in the name of social reforms.  

Recently, a DMK minister who is a son of CM Stalin, attending a controversial event known as Eradicate sanatan conference along with other ministers, has hatefully said that Sanatan Dharma is like dengue and malaria, it must be eradicated, orchestrating prevalent DMK hate for Hindus, and proudly flaunted this hate speech on social media. Moreover, after this well planned, well written with sheer hate statement, he audaciously lauded himself for divulging this hidden overly thriving hate for Hinduism.  

It quickly sparked a nationwide controversy, astounding every citizen in the country, except liberals who are easily offended by politicians who question about rugged jeans. This hate speech is being presented as freedom of speech by other political parties who are coveting to dethrone Modi by conniving with such hate mongering party. It’s because that DMK leader Udhay Stalin is a privileged Christian who intentionally insulted a religion that doesn’t make its followers to come on roads and terrorize the cities for their Dharma. He spoke about Hinduism, ergo everything is normal. Inspired by Periyar’s unbridled hate for sanatan Dharma, this minister has expressed the old tendency that was deeply instilled in such people who were just accidental Hindus.  

In the name of activism, and desire to shine more secular in the eyes of liberals, these leaders are always excited to make such outrageous statements. As they were well prepared to face the consequences as Hindus don’t come on roads with swords, and torch the cities like other communities whenever their faith is mocked, or questioned maliciously. However, insulting Hinduism, comparing it with diseases on the pretext of condemning caste system which these people have left behind after converting to a different religion where a white gowned man is only God. While a Brahman wearing a janeu was considered a threat when Periyar ideology was polluting the state.  

In a democratic country, where everyone has the right to decide which religion he wants to practice without any hesitation or fear, now one religion is routinely targeted and insulted by sitting ministers and still, it is not deemed hate speech as an occasional atheist has said this which all liberals want to hear. On the top of that, instead of apologizing, Udhay Stalin is audaciously instigating Hindus to do anything against him, as he is familiar with the fact that Hindu community doesn’t lurk to behead people who speak against their Dharma. He know this too that if sanatan Dharma which he denigrated is replaced with another religion, even the one he practices, he would have been kicked out of the assembly, and jailed, or there would have been a war in the state, because such tolerance which Hindus have seen in many cases when their faith was brutally criticized. 

The question is, why some leaders are behind Sanatan Dharma ever since Bjp came in power. Although, Sanatan Dharma had suffered brutal criticism by Ambedkar and Periyar whose ideology taught people to kill Brahmans before snakes if they saw both. That hate implanted in the state thrived and now it is trickling from these leaders. We Hindus endured this hate at that time when it was named social reform by insulting Hindu culture because social workers were so abusively hateful towards Sanatan Dharma. The sad reality is, Hindus revered these hate mongers in the past, and are now voting for their followers who are addicted to savoring power and spewing venom against Sanatan Dharma. It is the same democratic, and secular nation where a Muslim can maliciously insult Hinduism on TV, but a Hindu retorting him with Islamic written facts is labeled islamophobic and reprimanded by Supreme Court as well for the murders of Hindus by Muslim fanatics, however Stalin insulting Hinduism is just a freedom of speech which is not worth any outage by liberals and seculars, nor Supreme Court. How ignorant we are if we think there is the constitution that doesn’t discriminate amongst communities after seeing all this.  

Brahmans are brutally attacked and disparaged by liberal celebrities and such hate mongers in the guise of politicians, living in a fallacy of being tortured by Brahmans centuries ago. They mourn a newly invented exploitation which doesn’t happen in this country, but still they feel that pain and embolden their hate for Sanatan Dharma. Consequently, Brahmans including entire general category is unfairly discriminated by the law and the irony guffaws at them when this discrimination in jobs is strongly called a step towards equality. Ridiculously detrimental! Furthermore, it is mostly Brahmans who endure perpetual hate from these people who actually converted to other religions but still their insurmountable rancor with Sanatan Dharma is endless.  

These people who follow other religions now, call themselves Dalit and others, are exhilarated over such hate speech. However, when Hindu saints urge Hindus to unite and fight against these anti Hindu elements, these dimwits are grumpy and call them hate mongers. If converting to another religion doesn’t give them respite, then it’s not Sanatan Dharma that annoys them, it’s their own frustration to see a religion that faced ruthless attacks and denigration for centuries, is still thriving outstandingly. Despite many hidden malevolent propaganda by liberals and their political masters, it didn’t wilt. 

 It is the time for Hindus to come together and fight this deliberate denigration of our faith by the converted hate mongers, and let them realize that Santana Dharma is endless, timeless and eternal truth of life,  many Islamic rulers craved to obliterate, but their power, their belligerence and their hate couldn’t eradicate it. Their sultanates lost while trying to end Hindu identity. So, This dream of DMK and other political parties to eradicate Sanatan Dharma was, is, and will always be a dream. However, this audacity of DMK should be vehemently opposed, so that they can know it’s not this easy to insult Sanatan Dharma, calling for a Hindu massacre by saying Sanatan Dharma should be eradicated, because without Dharma, its followers are automatically dead, Hindu organizations should protest against this hate speech with full power on the roads in protests, and show them why it’s impossible to eradicate Sanatan and Sanatanis.  Although they hardly feel apprehensive because of Hindu tolerance, as they know the court won’t say harsh words to them compared to the case of Nupur Sharma as that was a matter of another religion. The fear of law is not in them, which can be seen in his audacity in not apologizing for his statement, despite fierce outrage from Hindu community, just because they are in power, and follow other faith which is protected by fabricated secularism of India as well as the law.  

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