The opposition alliance that bickers over freedom of speech, is boycotting journalists who ask pointed questions, not mollycoddle like other darbari journalists

India, a country known for the largest democracy where media is considered its fourth pillar, is currently witnessing the worst form of politics. At this point, the desperation of the opposition parties to dethrone the mighty BJP is being heavily exhibited. Political parties that are currently trying to fit themselves in INDI alliance for their own rancor with Modi, are furious at a faction of media that asks uncomfortable questions to these leaders who are daydreaming to be new Prime Minister of India. In a country, where democracy dies everyday whenever anything happens to these leaders, but nobody is concerned about how rivals are killed in Bengal during elections, and the friendly media with this alliance never asks them about it, however other journalists question and exposes these leaders who claim to be the Savior of democracy, while their actions say otherwise.  

The newly created opposition alliance is all set to highlight what can tarnish their intentions of coming together to fight Modi in upcoming general elections, so they released a list of journalists to be boycotted by the political parties, because they think some journalists who are not as friendly as other journalists are with them, are spreading hate against them and supporting the ruling party. It’s ridiculous to see a party like Congress who was known for having journalists to ask them what they cooked. It’s same party that allowed its loyal journalists to decide which leaders would be given which ministry, where a particular, friendly media house would be allowed to organize its party at president house. All political have targeted only those journalists who praise Modi for the development, and are intrepid to ask explicit questions to congress spokespersons and retort when they flaunt their uncouthness on debate.  

Journalists like Navika Kumar, Sushant Sinha, Aditi Tyagi, Sudhir Chaudhary, Arnab Goswami, Rubika and others are in the list released by the Indi alliance. They accused these journalists of spreading hate against Muslim community. Same opposition routinely accuses Modi govt of torturing journalists whenever Islamist in the guise of journalists are forced to face legal music after their fake news and propaganda is exposed. What this alliance is trying to do, is to instill a fear in unbiased journalists which are very few in India, so that no other journalists can question these parties whenever violence, hate and discrimination is seen in their ruling states. All of these political parties are conniving with each other to target bjp ruled states while covering their failures by threatening journalists who dare to question them. If this is what they came together for, then India would definitely be not a democracy anymore.  

The journalists who have been called out, are actually journalists who aren’t enslaved by congressian slavery that doesn’t allow anyone to appreciate others except Gandhis. These journalists are intrepid and unapologetic to question about love jihad, and other topics which these parties are reluctant to discuss as it affects their vote bank. A Muslim journalist Rubika liyaqat not only retort but also exposes the hidden agenda of fanatic Islamists on debate, that too with sheer fearlessness in a country where talking about Muslims can offend many political parties, however in this country, any Christian leader can vilify Santana Dharma and he won’t be even condemned. Conversely, journalists who expose these leaders and their unbridled hate for Hindus are regularly labeled hate mongers.  

These self seeking politicians are standing together to backbite each other after elections. What is absolutely good to witness now is, their explicit intention behind their alliance. Their tongues are divulging their hidden agenda against journalists they hate, and Hinduism which is not accepted by their vote bank. These screams for restoring democracy are just an example of shamming emotions to befool public, because democracy dies only in Delhi, but not in Bengal, not Rajasthan. Hate speech is considered only when Hindu says something about other communities, but not when other communities say wrong about Hindus. This is openly supported by these political parties who are vehemently trying to disguise as more Hindu than Modi, while hate against Hindus is rapidly thriving within them which Udhay Stalin has orchestrated recently.  

If they are adamant to threaten Hindu journalists who don’t take off their identity with these politicians like other friendly journalists of Ndtv, it’s not going to happen. Everyone is familiar with the tendencies of TMC, Congress, and SP as to what they do when their ego is hurt, when someone chants Jai shri Ram which they are now practicing to chant, how one lady is offended by this religious slogan, and how journalists are traumatized and jailed for questioning the schemes which discriminates with Hindus.  

Apparently everything is crystal clear. Hate isn’t on TV channels, it is sitting in the hearts of these parties that can’t tolerate their criticism and uncomfortable reality. If this alliance covets to make India a country where media will be allowed to mollycoddle with leaders and ignore all the issues, then this dream is just a conspiracy against India. Nobody is so powerful to attack, chain and muzzle media, one tried in 60s and one in 80s, all failed. Meanwhile, there is an opportunist faction of journalists who currently run YouTube channels as they were forced to ask jagged questions to the leaders they were pets of, are happy to see this boycott of other journalists. These are same self seeking creatures who mourn when govt takes legal actions against their Islamic peers, but enjoy when Journalist Manish kashyap was jailed, and still fighting for justice.  

The journalists are coveting parliamentary revelries they used to savor afore more than any political party. Media was corrupt, because it groveled at the feet of Congress for decades, however things changed, these journalists who were actually spokespersons of the ruling party congress, are struggling to survive as their lies, hate, bigotry is not sold for 10 years. Now other faction of journalists question and appreciate the ruling party, moreover they don’t fall for the mental slavery to mollycoddle Congress prince, and their uncouth and dumb spokespersons. This list elucidates how important these journalists are, who offended the entire opposition that is evasive to questions. 

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