Most Famous Sports Betting Countries

Sports betting is quite famous worldwide and almost every country in some or the other way is involved in betting. Online sportsbooks are legal in a few states and countries and all follow rules and regulations of the specific jurisdictions. Do you want to start gambling as a profession or you are a betting enthusiast? Make sure to know what famous sports betting countries you can start your betting career with. 

The demand for sports betting apps and sites is high in the countries where sports betting is legal and regulated. This is why it is important for both punters and sportsbook owners to keep up with the standards and requirements of betting in a specialized way. If you have a passion for sports betting and want to make a difference in the industry, analyze the betting countries that are popular and emerging as trendsetters. 

Read till the end to know the best sports betting countries in 2023. 

List Of Popular Sports Betting Countries 

Here is the list of popular gambling countries to look out for in 2023: 


India is a huge country with millions of people living and having different choices and interests when it comes to sports betting and gambling. Before the 2000s, the country didn’t accept online betting. The Gambling Laws of India have made it difficult to know the extent and limits of the igaming market. However, based on social reports and analysis, there is a wide range of gamblers in the country. Many players today still wager on a plethora of sports betting games like horse racing, soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, etc. 

United Kingdom

If you want to experience a safe and all-inclusive betting experience, the United Kingdom is the place you can opt for. The company is home to a lot of legal and regulated bookmakers and sportsbooks offering a wide range of betting games with great welcome bonuses and offers. More than 50% of UK adults gamble on differnt types of betting games to generate a high amount of money. Bookmakers like Ladbrokes, Betway, William Hill, and Betfair are some of the new UK betting sites you can’t get enough of in the UK. 


Canada is quite a popular sports betting country when it comes to sports betting but Ontario is the only province offering sportsbook and casino games. Most casinos offer games like baccarat, poker, live dealer, and slots. If you want to enter the betting world in Canada, make sure to get help from an experienced betting software development company. Wagering in Canada is quite easy as compared to other sports betting countries. 


You might have heard about sports betting a lot in sports betting countries like the USA. The country has witnessed a lot of technical transformation offering gamblers a great chance to make great money. There are many casinos and sportsbooks in the country making millions of money within the regulated boundaries of jurisdiction. If you are a business owner, you can run a sportsbook in the states like New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado, Lowa, etc. Anyone across the globe can easily wager on sports betting games offered by betting sportsbooks in America. With 28% of the gambling population, BetRivers and BGM became one of the biggest bookmakers in the country. Some of the most popular sports betting games in the USA are horse racing, poker and basketball. 


In 2014, Singapore passed a remote gambling act which clearly made online gambling legal and regulated. If you are interested in running a sports betting business, Singapore can be the perfect destination for you. There are different types of sports betting games which are famous in Singapore like football, baseball, volleyball, cricket, horse racing, basketball, etc. 


Australia is a hub for sports betting, sportsbooks and gamblers who are highly involved in betting games, leagues and activities. According to recent market stats and analysis, around 60% of the population is involved in Australian betting activities in some or the other way. With the advent of technology and smartphone penetration, Australia captured a significant share of world sports betting. Whether you are a business owner or punter, make sure to take full advantage of this lucrative market to make a fortune. 

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is another best sports betting country that you must choose for your betting business. Gambling is legal in Hong Kong under the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Gambling Ordinance. It clearly states that gambling in any form is legal within the country but that doesn’t mean you can operate an online gambling site as the online betting rules are still unclear and doubtful. 

Final Words 

By now you might have got the answer for what are the famous sports betting countries to know in 2023. With an authentic license, you can launch your own sportsbooks in the above-mentioned countries that offer safe and secure gambling environments to punters and bettors. This means anyone following legal regulations and acts can launch their own online sportsbook under the respective jurisdiction. 

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