If you are not equally prioritized in friendship, and regularly doubt your worth, it’s an inevitable sign to step aside

Friendship is a beautiful bond we make for ourselves where everything is shared, cherished and savored. Everyone has his own definition of friendship. Some people see it as a cozy way of spending time and having fun where there is utterly no sense of affection for each other, just friendly connection. On the other hand, for some people it is as special as a romantic relationship. They prioritize their friends, being a helping and caring hand for them. The only difference between their love relationship and friendship is, their sexual intimacy. In this category, there are only sensitive people who feel so much. They find emotions in everything, as their emotional sensitivity doesn’t let them see people as their time pass, instead they value every presence in their lives. 

Befriending people is not a piece of cake for sensitive people unlike normal people whose emotional sensitivity is hardly seen. It is as tough as watching the sun through naked eyes. Whenever they come across people who feel like a soothing touch of evening breezes, they tend to try to befriend them. Sensitive people aren’t the ones who crave to have a crowd with them, they only desire the one who can be genuine and understanding as it’s not easy for others to understand them.  

They value people who matter in their lives, prioritizing them more than anything. As they believe everyone in their milieu deserve profuse affection and caring. Being in such priority is very common in the lives of people who are friends of sensitive people. However,  sometimes their caring and being affection make others feel superior which entices them to take these people for granted as they start to feel like their sensitive friends are happy to gladden them only, and they can treat them poorly.  

If you are sensitive, you can relate to it unquestionably. In our life, we all have gone through such phase in which even friendship hurt us. Our sensitivity is called insecurity whenever we react to the people who mistreat us, and devalue our affection. It’s an inevitable ordeal we sensitive people tend to experience. It’s not because we love to get hurt, and be aloof, but it’s because, for us, not all feel like friends, we grab vibes of people, and it’s only vibes that attract us and push us away. People hardly play any role in this process. Therefore, whenever we start to prioritize people who we happily call our friends, giving them our care, respect and affection copiously. Unaware of the fact about how they feel about us, we just keep pouring what we have.  

It’s a basic human need to get our efforts appreciated and reciprocated. Moreover, when there is a priority, there is definitely an expectation. In a pure bond between friends, everything is shared. Sensitive people are still living in that epoch when friendship used to be like Krishna and Arjuna who respected each other, and stood together. In this inconsiderate world, where people are not naive like them, lurking to use others as per their needs, and deceive, it’s a regular task for sensitive people. They have a very few people in their circle whom they value most and expect a little reciprocation from them. They hardly expect others to make them happy, bring them something they want, and hangout only with them, instead what they expect is pure affection and genuineness.  

Genuine people are really gems at this juncture of time when everyone is backbiting and laughing at others while calling them their friends in their presence. This utterly feels so despicable to Sensitive people who abhor such demeanors. So, if you are prioritizing someone whom you call your special friend because you feel good with him/her, spending time with him feels so convivial, and you relentlessly make an attempt to make that one enjoy your company, making him feel special and beautiful, still you sometimes feel inferior in his presence when his behavior seems to be hurtful, and full of ignoring. If you experience uneasiness, sullenness and anxiety whenever he shows his priority to someone else. Sensitivity in you can cause anxiety seeing your close one valuing someone else over you, however this is very common. What is absolutely not common is, the one who you prioritize most, never make fun of him, and always treat him amiably and affectionately, chooses to laugh at you behind your back with others. 

What is the point of calling someone a friend if he loves laughing at you with others. It’s plainly preposterous and abhorrent to call such people your friends. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy their company. Your sensitivity would make you suffer afterwards, thinking and doubting yourself due to such behavior of others. If you are not equally prioritized in friendship, you should understand you are just being an all time available option for others which is detrimental for your emotional growth. Learn to respect yourself first, learn to prioritize yourself most, so that nobody could ever matter more than yourself. If you are remembered when they need you, you should know how to close your door and let their phones ring. Nobody is as important for you as you are for yourself. If you are being so caring, And eventually it’s you who get mocked, then you are certainly in a wrong friendship. Question what’s the need of such friendship that feels venomous, always leaves you feeling bad for your own efforts, your selfless caring and affection.  

If one can’t prioritize you, but enjoys your endless and genuine friendship, you should know to step aside and cut the wire through which hurt hits you. This should be a mantra for all sensitive and genuine people, “Good vibes, equal efforts, and genuine bond or goodbye”. All have to the right to live happily, nobody should allow any bad feeling hurt them just because they value people who don’t value them back. A sincere goodbye is far better than a regular argument. A broken bond is undeniably more beautiful than a toxic friendship that continuously hurts. For, friendship should be soothing not toxic. True friends offer undivided attention without any demand. True friendship doesn’t make you beg for attention, affection and genuineness, it comes naturally. If you have to beg for anything in any relationship or friendship, it’s utterly preposterous for you. You too deserve to be prioritized in true friendship if you value others and make them your priority. And know your self worth, so that you would never doubt it. It’s an apparent fact that if you aren’t a priority in someone’s life, you are just an option for them.  

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