Why is it important for all of us to have some selfless and significant bonds in our life?  

The world is absolutely beautiful to explore where you find many interesting things to see, and do. Experiencing this fascinating creation of God that resides on mountains, valleys, flowers, and in flowing rivers is certainly the most adventurous voyage all of us are privileged to relish. What is more alluring in this world, is the people who we meet, we know and we befriend. But why is having people important in our life? It’s because all the experiences etched in our minds are just dust if not shared with others, moreover sharing how much we have tasted the parts of our life brings people together as it is sheer charm to grab their attention. In life, we are destined to feel everything which includes troubles, and sorrow. There is unquestionably no easy way to escape this phase. No matter how convincing life may seem to you, how much resilient you think you are, there is always rough time for everyone to wade through, where almost everyone wobbles. 

Life is undoubtedly not easy for anyway, sometimes it’s interesting filled with uncountable joys, and sometimes it’s a sheer chaos brimming with stress, and sorrow. When sorrow hits someone mentally, relationships are required. At the time of circumstances, our mind is flooded with the smoke of uncertainty, obscure thoughts and uncomfortable feelings making us quiver. We need people to calm down, learning to cope with such feelings and wade through rough times. It is a crucial need because humans are social creatures, having people who understand us, are real gems we must be fixated on finding in this life.  

What’s the fun of life being alone in a room filled with your victories, and joys? It’s a question I always ask to myself. And then I feel utter discomfort because I have lived in the captivity of aloofness for years, where nothing grew except fear, and insecurities. Not socializing with people due to a fear of any kind, doesn’t help us elude any trouble, instead it chains us from finding best bonds in life. At this juncture of time, we are routinely told to be alone and work on ourselves because people aren’t good out there. It is a modern theory of loving loneliness and get devoured by it. It is promoting a cancer of isolating youngsters with people and interlocking them with gadgets, rapidly pushing them towards aloofness where only negativity flourishes. At this phase, youngsters are closer to their phones than any person. Consequently, whenever they have to deal with unknown feelings, they wander in their minds, and double up their stress and let it eat them emotionally and mentally.  

Having someone to sit, talk, and walk with is sufficient to decrease all stress in a few minutes and enhance your happiness. Being with your close ones in which there can be your friends, relatives and even parents is an emotional necessity which helps us in different ways. Life is continuously giving us chances to venture out into different phases where oftentimes we get lucky to have great moments, and sometimes we dabble into mar and flounder miserably. It is always important to have a few bonds that makes you feel completely understood, loved and cherished. Whenever your share your joys, sorrow, victories, failures, ups & downs, everything is absorbed in that moment and become a memory. If you are vulnerable, and alone, you are going to take days to come out of bad feelings. Whereas, if you have someone, you talk to that person, you feel light as if winds took away all the burden you shouldered for long time.  

This is an illusion called life, and it’s nothing without people. Your failures don’t matter, your victories don’t matter, your joys don’t matter, and even your sorrow doesn’t matter if people don’t know about. You can suffer alone, but it’s hard to be happy over your things alone. Being with people who are caring, loving and understanding, feels like lolling on a couch of roses, despite having thorns like difficulties in life, everything still seems enjoyable. Some bonds are truly beautiful where only love exists for each other. It’s rare when someone starts to feel special and amazing, and you begin to enjoy more than ever, even if something bad occurs, you feel grateful that you have someone who is always beside you, always wanting the best for you, that too selflessly. Without expectations you get all the support you need in circumstances, all the claps you imagine to get on your accomplishments, a endearing hug and patting when you sob.  

In any phase of life, some people are a basic need to survive peacefully. What I think special bonds do for us, is the sound of laughter they level up when we laugh with people. Furthermore, our smiles get wider with them, our sorrow feels less intense when they hold us and console. Our heart demands this, people don’t have any power to calm you, gladden you, and cheer you up, it’s our trust on them that makes us blessed, happy and calm with them. Their purity in friendships which seems rare in modern world, as everyone is trying to hide their feelings so that they can escape uncomfortable experiences, is a fountainhead of tranquility that sprinkles positivity in the realm of our hearts because friendships are the enemy of loneliness that happens to be the killer behind all suicides happening at this time. Healthy friendship diminishes all stress and worries, Therefore it is absolutely sufficient to consider the necessity of a few lovely relationships in our life.  

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