The ultimate rise of online business in the sex toy industry

People are buying everything you can imagine for delivery from the comfort and privacy of their homes, including sex toys, contraceptives, and more. While food and clothing are some of the items, people buy practically anything you can think of when they think of purchasing items through an app or website. People are not only looking for coital gear on the websites of sex shops but also, maybe shockingly, through aggregators such as Amazon, community shops such as Etsy, and even directly from suppliers like Motorbunny.

Motorbunny Original is one sex machine with a classic saddle design. These types of machines include a vibrating platform on top of which can be affixed various flat or penetrative attachments, which in turn may or may not rotate due to a rod or spring protruding from the platform. Simple dials control vibration and rotation speeds, and these machines are powered by DC current, so they are connected to a wall outlet and can be considered semi-portable.

These types of machines are what fueled the direct-to-consumer sales model in the sex toy industry because their size and price points made it difficult for brick-and-mortar retailers to carry them. In turn, as online shopping became more prevalent, brands such as Motorbunny were able to rely on a strong direct consumer base to grow online sales without the need for retailer middlemen. Today thousands of retailers operate online, selling various styles and brands of sex toys via distributors, as well as one-brand operations that sell primarily directly to consumers.

Online sales and the effect of the growth of the sexual aid market

Although many cultures consider sexuality to be taboo, people have been acquiring and possessing sex toys with increasing regularity in recent years. The vibrator, for example, is the most widely possessed type of sex toy in the United States, followed by anal devices. Furthermore, the global sexual aide market was valued at roughly 28.2 billion US dollars in 2019 and is expected to grow to around 38.5 billion US dollars by 2025. Adults in the United States love sex toys. According to a recent poll in the United States, 82 percent of female customers possess some type of sex toy. According to the same poll, sex toys are most popular among those aged 25 to 29.

As trust in online sales across all categories rose, it became a natural marketplace for personal sexual devices. Discreet, secure delivery eliminated awkward in-person checkouts and boosted sex toy industry sales rapidly.

Challenges of online sex toy sales

While the lack of in-person transactions has been mentioned as a pro for online sex toy sales, it can also be a con. While there is no fear of judgment while purchasing from an online store, it can be difficult to get tailored guidance when a customer has questions about a toy they might want to buy. Many online sex toy retailers offer 24/7 online chat support for just such a reason, with varying levels of human service and/or automation.

In addition, online sex toy sales face challenges that most other products do not. While the industry is relatively lightly regulated, popular channels where users have been conditioned to see retargeted ads for products they are interested in, such as Google and Facebook, severely limit the ability to advertise sex toys.

Evolving online technology outside of sales

Motorbunny is the first adult novelty to provide API access, allowing users, enthusiasts, and developers to adjust and hack their Motorbunny LINK capabilities across several platforms. In addition, Motorbunny LINK empowers seamless long-distance control via the internet, giving long-distance couples, deployed service personnel, and even online-based sex workers the ability to share intimacy in new ways. 

Motorbunny was also the first in the industry to use Siri voice shortcut instructions. This inclusive feature allows everyone, even those with impairments, to instruct Siri to switch on and off the device, finish and start sessions, connect and detach the device, turn on the microphone, and even set the Motorbunny to its various routines.

The future of online business and sex toys The hype of the metauniverse, augmented and virtual reality technologies, and physical headsets have not escaped those following sex toy brands that leverage online sales. Subscription-based content services, social tools, and even games have tethered physical sex toys even more tightly to the online world, and various brands with wide-ranging connectivity abilities will utilize these fledgling technologies to provide new experiences beyond that of simply replacing a cash register with an online cart.

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