The Culinary Career – Tips and Tricks for New Chefs

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Being a chef is certainly not easy. You’re faced with a high-paced environment that can have mounting pressure. A culinary career requires dedication, commitment, and of course, a lot of skill! Luckily, there are ways to alleviate the stressful nature of the job. Below are a few top tips on how to make your work life easier and more enjoyable. 

Wear Comfortable Attire

Some restaurants provide specific uniforms, and some allow you to wear what you want, as long as it’s suitable for the role. If you have the freedom of choosing your clothes, we suggest 3-quarter length, cuffed shirts to ensure that you don’t have baggy sleeves that could potentially get dragged through sauces or become a potential fire hazard while cooking over open flames. Furthermore, stretchy trousers are preferable, especially when you’re reaching high or low. You can find comfortable, yet professional chef pants by browsing the TILIT collection. 

Sharpen Knives Regularly

As a chef, you’ll know your knife skills. However, these skills become redundant if you’re working with knives that aren’t properly sharpened. It’s important to look for small signs, such as micro-serrations rather than relying on only sharpening them when it’s harder to cut food. For a quicker and more effective way to eliminate dull blades, think about using an electric sharpener if you aren’t currently provided with one. 

Experiment and Test New Recipes

The biggest secret while cooking professionally is the tried and tested method. Cook for yourself and experiment with different combinations and techniques. It’s also a good idea to focus on and perfect the 5 French mother sauces, as this is one of the most important cooking hacks!

Consider Furthering Your Culinary Education

Culinary schools offer in-person training, and others provide accredited education remotely. Whichever your preference is, there’s always an opportunity to learn more and improve the quality of your cooking. However, if further education is not for you, don’t worry because not all successful chefs take that route, and alternatively choose to shadow head chefs on the job. All you need to do is find someone you get along with who’s more experienced and willing to help you progress in the industry. 

Take Yourself Seriously

This hack isn’t exclusive to chefs and is applicable to everyone. Whether or not you want a permanent/long-term role in this career, you should always take yourself seriously. It’s vital to be confident and take pride in everything you do, especially when you’re getting paid to do so. If you show dedication and professionalism, co-workers and employers will respect/value you, allowing more opportunities and progression, ensuring you succeed. Moreover, in restaurants, you’re trusted to provide high-quality food to customers on behalf of employers who believe in your ability.  

If you think that the tips and tricks above could possibly improve your work life, give them a try. Getting paid to cook for people is not something that many people can do. So, use these culinary hacks, create some delicious plates, and show off your talent! 

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