Realtor Experts’ Advice to Sell Your Home FAST

No, selling any property is NOT easy and you’ll ask a lot of questions along the way. You’ll be surprised at what really makes a difference in this market! So, we’re here to help. From folding arm awnings to online marketing, there’s a lot you can do to streamline the process. 

We compiled some must-know tips that expert realtors often share with their clients. 

Exterior Features that Charm

You probably spend most of your time inside, so you’ll be forgiven if you haven’t yet considered upgrading the exterior. Buyers will do a full 360-examination of what the property has in store for them, so features outside should be given some thought. 

Upgrading areas like an outside shed or patio is a good start. However, even functional features like adding retractable outdoor blinds for more shade can be money well spent, as it can increase the value of the property.

Also, making the house look prettier is smart, because most buyers want a space their neighbours will be envious of. Do some of the work for them, so they can simply move in and love it from the get-go. 

Cerb Appeal—Manage the First Impressions

Apart from the exterior of the building, do give the entire garden and outside area a good upgrade. A broken fence or clutter in the back corner can be off-putting, as it makes visitors wonder what else isn’t up to standard on the property. Ensure all visitors have a good first impression so they enter the house itself with excitement and positivity. 

Create More Usable Spaces

Above we already mentioned the value of adding outdoor blinds or awnings and these are so valuable because they have impressive functional value. Especially if you can create more space that future buyers can utilise, you’ll have a major selling point. 

Evaluate the property for options like:

  • Using blinds to turn an open patio into an entertainment area homeowners can use all year round. 
  • Awnings or other installations that offer shade outside, so owners can enjoy the garden even on hot days. 
  • Adding shelves or light fittings to dark corners, so buyers can picture using it as a study area or storage space. 
  • Cleaning and painting the attic to show off its potential as an additional room. 

Minor Repairs are Essential

Because you don’t want to give buyers any reason to doubt the quality of the property, do minor maintenance and repairs. From chipped paint to loose door handles or a dripping tap, getting it sorted means you’re improving the overall experience of buyers who investigate every nook and cranny. 

Asking someone with an objective view like a handyman to help, will help you identify much needed repairs that you may miss because you’re so used to your space.

Budget for Staging

There is value in showcasing your home as a neutral but inviting space. It helps people feel comfortable, while also giving them a chance to imagine themselves living in those rooms. This is why staging is a smart option, if you have the capital for it. The experts will remove a lot of your personal items and use furniture and décor that shows off the space’s benefits and best features. 

Photos and VR

In order to get the people to even visit your property, harness the power of modern technology! 

Discuss with your realtor how you can get high quality photographs that show off the best features. Also, find out if they offer VR experiences of the properties they market. 

By giving a virtual tour of your spaces, you’ll know that many of the buyers making the effort to view it in person are already closer to making a decision than random visitors attending an open house. You’ll find they’ll sign the paperwork much quicker than others. 

Stay Responsive and Available to Buyers

Anything can put a buyer off from a sale, so be an excellent sales representative of your own home along with your realtor. Be ready to give answers, show the space a second time and provide documentation timeously. This will confirm to the buyer they’re doing business with a respectable seller, not someone who is trying to hide anything. 

Vet Your Realtor

Do yourself a favour and only employ realtors who have the respect of the industry. Reading a few reviews or talking with family and friends will quickly confirm which real estate agents go the extra mile for their clients. Having the right partner will help get serious buyers and streamline the buying process. 

Last Tip: Use Light, Fragrance and Sound

Finally, help your buyers experience your home with all their senses and make a much more powerful impression!

You can take down heavy curtains to let in more natural light or switch on lights, so rooms don’t seem dark and uninviting. Play some music in the background and set out coffee or freshly baked biscuits so the aromas can help people feel right at home! 

A scented candle also does wonders but avoid flowers because you never know who is allergic. 

Now, go get that home sold!

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