Mewat terror : Intolerant Muslim mob created havoc, burnt the city Nuh and like trained terrorists they attacked police men who came to rescue Hindu pilgrims held hostage in the temple for hours

Amidst the tumult of Allah hu Akbar being chanted by Muslim mob, the whole area got engulfed by the dark clouds of smoke and fire emanating from the vehicles and shops torched by Muslims in Nuh, Mewat Haryana. The visuals looked like the outburst of terror attacks in Syria. On 31 July, as planned, Hindu groups were celebrating Shrawan somvar which is very auspicious day for entire Hindu community. They carried out a jalabhishek rally in Nuh where their existence brought the hidden hate out of Muslims who couldn’t restraint themselves from being provoked by the religious chanting of Hindus. Vishwa Hindu parishad, and Bajrang dal organized this rally for the collective celebration on Monday. The saffron flags dancing in the sky with the mellifluous chanting of Jai Shri Ram and Har Har Mahadev filled the ambience with immaculate vibes.  

The joy didn’t last long as the hate mongers were lurking behind the bushes, standing on the buildings along the roads and while killers were prowling hidden on the hills nearby the temple. The joy of Hindus met the hate of Muslims shouting Allah hu Akbar and Pakistan zindabad, their love for Pakistan is shown whenever they become majority in any part of India, Kashmir is a perfect example of it. Hindus were attacked by Muslims pelting stones from their house, men with caps, women in burqa and even kids performed their duty as taught hey what they read. Which is not being discussed by the media as it weakens their secularism. And as per their perspective, speaking against Muslims even if they do such heinous things is considered islamophobia and they hardly can afford this.  

A young member of Bajrang dal was at the rally, Muslim mob attacked him when he was helping other members to save them from killers. They slit his throat brutally while his brother had to leave him with monsters in order to save himself. Barbarity didn’t stop, they crushed his head with stones so mercilessly as if the demon Muslims are asked to stone in mecca, was a Hindu. A Hindu who wanted to celebrate Jalabhishek in a Muslim majority area, had such fate. Moreover, his lynching is not a headline in this country where the chairs of governments are shaken by the beating of a thief because that thief was a Muslim but now the victim was a Hindu. The rally was attacked according to the plan made weeks ago. The terrorists hid on the nearby hills and started shooting at the pilgrims, they only torched vehicles, shops and house owned by Hindus, however media is vehemently talking about a roadside pillow shop that was accidentally burnt by Muslim mob.  

In order to save themselves, Hindus took shelter in the temple which was later attacked and shot by the mob. Men, women, kids, all were forced to be in this captivity for hours as local terrorists with white caps were fully prepared to kill every Hindu, using illegal weapons such as AK 47, leaving us aghast thinking about how they managed to have such weapons to attack Hindus on this particular day. It is unquestionably a very well concocted conspiracy against Hindus just like what they were regularly doing in Kashmir. However, biased media is still whitewashing this terror which Muslims don’t hesitate to show, some over secular journalists are blindly attempting to insinuate that Bajrang dal is responsible for this violence as if saffron flags and religious chanting provoke intolerant Muslims.  

The ordeal that Hindus had to go through for hours in Nuh, is so terrifying that even newly secular, leftist reporters were mentally forced to remove their Hindu identity as kalawa and sadly, they still couldn’t say anything truth because their salary is decided by the people who sponsored this genocide. This is the plight of secularism where secular Hindus know the reality of this syndrome, however their tongues are enslaved by their striking ideology. Therefore, in their eyes, the oppressors are the victims in this riot, and the real victims just don’t matter because they happen to be Hindus.  

Police had to remove their uniforms to save themselves from terrorists shooting at them from buildings and hills, women inside the temple had to remove their bindi and jewelry, while men cut their kalawa to elude this islamic attack. Police in civil dress can be seen in viral videos of Nuh riots, retaliating with Muslims who surrounded the temple and attacked. Islamic journalists are shamelessly conspiring against Hindus groups by presenting police as them. In sooth, police was there in civil dress to protect yatris from terrorists in which one home guard with a few Hindus were shot dead, and killed by Muslim mob. However media is relentlessly showing how innocent Muslim pillow seller is who lost his shop in riots, but nobody is curious to know who burnt his shop. Secular journalists like usual are toiling to find a Muslim hero to white wash what other radicals did, concocting asinine stories like Muslims didn’t held Hindus hostage in temple for hours, but they wanted to save temple and Hindus. The irony laughs at this logic as they were saving Hindus and temple, but from whom? 

Take a moment and imagine being in the same temple surrounded by radical mob who are shouting Allah hu Akbar with guns and yelling to kill all kafirs and cook their meat for dinner as said by a mewati Pakistani lover cum YouTube. You are told to cut your kalawa to hide your Hindu identity for your life, everyone is cowering with terror as the terrorists are shooting at you from outside, your family is with you, traumatized by what they see, that too in a country where we are taught to be secular as it’s a democracy that protects all. The only layer of protection between you and terrorists is a group of few police men who are protecting you. But for how long?  

It is absolutely too petrifying to remain calm. Envisaging this ordeal our brothers had experienced in Nuh slowed down our breaths, just think how horrible it would look in reality. Apparently it’s like walking on the edges of knives before the terrorists wielding their guns to kill you any moment. What’s more painful is seeing govts blame us for practicing our Dharma because in this secular country, chanting jai Shri Ram provokes Muslims, religious rallies offends them, but hearing their Allah hu Akbar daily doesn’t make any Hindu uncomfortable as it’s their fundamental right, then why Hindus can’t live and practice their Dharma peacefully? Why Muslim celebration is not disturbed like they disturb Hindu procession? It’s because Hindus are not mentally trained to get offended by other faiths even if their prayers are outrageous. However, here the victim is not a victim if he isn’t a Muslim, therefore, despite so much terror, pain, and murder, Hindus are blamed for their murders, riots and even for their loss, as they don’t fit to be victim in secular eyes. That’s why today in Nuh riots, the victims are being blamed, while the attackers are mollycoddled and not even questioned as they are Muslims.  

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