How Companies Scaled to New Heights

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You’ve heard it once. You’ve heard it a thousand times. Suddenly it seems that some mom-and-pop shop has scaled to massive new heights, and you’re sitting there wondering just how they managed to do it. Scaling up a business, after all, is not easy. There are costs associated with scaling up, and greater risk. 

While there is a reason to take your time and build up a solid foundation, you need to take a leap after a certain point. Scaling up your business can be challenging, but if you use this guide, you too can help your company scale up to whole new heights: 

  1. Wholesale 

Buy your products for less, and sell for more. Even if the main draw of your business is something like handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demand or room in your business model for wholesale. Say you run a custom perfume business. You create bespoke and wholly unique scents for your customers. 

While that can remain your primary business, being the go-to option for gifts of all scent-related types can help you immediately grow your operations and reach. You can buy the brand-name options at great rates from a wholesale supplier like and then become the one-and-done shop for all shopping needs. You can also buy things like custom and high-end reusable perfume bottles through wholesale. 

In short, never assume that wholesale options are beyond your reach or out of your scope. You can either expand your offering to capture a larger portion of the market or add secondary items you purchased wholesale for less. 

  1. Combining Products with Services

Massive conglomerates own multiple businesses that either enhance their business or were once direct competitors. You can do something similar at any size. The secret is to add services that match your products or vice versa. Say you install countertops and other fittings. Work on becoming the selling point for those supplies as well, even if it’s just through a partnership. This way, customers can get everything they need through you, and you can either get a piece of the pie via a commission, or you can keep all those profits in-house. 

  1. By Offering Digital Assets

Digital products can be infinitely scaled. They can also be added to practically any business model. You can offer those digital assets for free as a way to capture the attention of customers and establish yourself as a valuable resource. Alternatively, you can offer those digital assets for a fee. Either option can benefit your business and can be used to help your business scale to new heights, either by expanding your reach or by increasing your profits. 

  1. By Using the Right Digital Tools 

Time is money. No matter what other option you use to expand operations and your profits, if things take too much time or there are delays, that is going to cripple your efforts. That’s why one of the most important steps when it comes to scaling your business is to use automation, and cloud-based at that. Cloud applications can be scaled up or down to seamlessly grow with your business while cutting down on the time and effort it takes to manage things like your daily admin tasks. 

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