Holistic Health Practitioner, Inesa of Nesas Hemp, Breaks Down What to Look For in a CBD Product

In the ever-expanding world of wellness products, CBD has undeniably taken center stage, reeling consumers in with promises of relief and relaxation. As its popularity has risen, the market has been flooded with an overwhelming array of CBD products, each boasting remarkable benefits. But amidst the hype lies a crucial reality: not all CBD products are the same, and not all live up to the grand claims plastered across their labels.

Inesa Ponomariovaite, founder and CEO of Nesas Hemp, offers her valuable insight on what makes a top-quality CBD product. As a leader and expert in the CBD and hemp industry, she is passionate about educating the public about the transformative benefits of CBD while simultaneously warning them about the pitfalls of using unvetted CBD products.

Ponomariovaite became interested in the CBD industry after receiving the heartbreaking news that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer. During her search for products that would help her mother manage her pain, she came across the CBD industry.

However, after dedicating two years of life to researching CBD, Ponomariovaite was shocked to find that most products on the market fell short of expectations — they were focused on profit, not quality. This spurred her to found Nesas Hemp, creating an all-natural, full-spectrum CBDa hemp oil. 

What is CBD and how is CBDa different?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, is a natural compound found primarily in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, its notorious counterpart, it does not cause a psychoactive “high” effect when consumed. 

CBD operates by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors and neurotransmitters responsible for regulating various physiological processes. When CBD is consumed, it binds to specific receptors within this system, modulating their activity and restoring homeostasis. This results in therapeutic effects such as pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, sleep improvement, and more.

CBDa is the acidic form of CBD. Typically, when CBD is commercially extracted from the plant, high temperatures and harsh solvents cause the CBDa to die. As a result, products that use CBDa are much harder to come by. 

However, those looking for a product that yields powerful results should exclusively shop for one that uses CBDa. It is proven to be 1000 times more effective in the brain and is the healthier, more natural substance, protecting cell health and supporting quicker, more efficient healing. 

The Dangers of Low-Quality CBD Products

Aside from choosing CBDa over CBD, there are many factors to consider when selecting a CBD product. Unfortunately, because there is so little regulation in the industry, there are many sub-par products that can waste consumers’ money and negatively impact their health. 

Low-cost CBD products might seem appealing, but they typically are cheap for a reason. These products are rarely completely natural and sometimes contain only small amounts of effective cannabinoids, rendering them useless. 

Additionally, poorly sourced or extracted CBD can cause health issues. Hemp can easily absorb chemicals and other undesired elements, so if the soil it grows in is contaminated, these substances will remain in the CBD. Many low-budget extraction methods also involve exposing the hemp plants to chemical hydrocarbon solvents, raising the consumer’s risk of serious conditions such as kidney damage or respiratory failure.  

Choosing the Right CBD Product

Consumers looking for the best quality CBD products should first look for ones that have been tested by a third-party laboratory. Reputable companies provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that shows the product’s cannabinoid profile, including CBD and THC levels and the presence of any contaminants, such as pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents. The THC level should be below 0.3%. 

Consumers should ensure that their products are responsibly extracted and sourced from organic, clean soil free from contaminants. Finally, a full-spectrum CBD product is preferred to an isolate one, as full-spectrum products preserve all the phytochemicals found in the plant, leading to more holistic and complete results than CBD alone. 

Luckily, Nesas Hemp provides a product with all these qualities and more. By using the highest quality soil, a cold, small-batch extraction process, and thorough testing, this full-spectrum CBDa hemp oil promises safety and effectiveness above all else. 

Ponomariovaite believes that when health is prioritized in the creation process, the use of CBD can be life-changing for people of all ages and conditions. She hopes that by spreading this awareness, consumers everywhere can take advantage of CBD’s powerful benefits with confidence. 

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