Erin Dullaghan Jones Is Expanding Her Creative Repertoire with the Release of Her Engaging Adventure Book Series for Children

Erin Dullaghan Jones

Books are a valuable resource for learning new concepts, languages, and lessons, particularly for children. They’re interactive mediums that broaden children’s consciousness and develop an understanding of different principles. Seeing a character live through the same experiences as themselves instills relatability, empathy, concentration, and patience. Reading together with parents also helps to strengthen a parent-children relationship.

As Bruno Bettelheim, a child psychologist from the 20th century, explains, “A good book helps a child find the meaning of life. It stimulates their imagination and intellect, enhancing their emotional intelligence. Books are attuned to the anxiety and aspirations of the young ones. It must recognize their difficulties and suggest a solution for them simultaneously.”

It’s not only a combination of quirky characters and attractive images that captures the children’s attention, but the carefully woven stories designed to enhance learning. The beauty of children’s literature lies in its simplicity and artistic nature, a quick and easy way to convey core values. For example, instead of asking a child to read a scientific dissertation on healthy foods, a story will be easier to develop the concept.

Meet Susie and Johnny Grilled Cheese is also one such inclusive read. Erin Dullaghan Jones was inspired to write this book by her twin girls and son. This multi-part book series is about two grilled cheese sandwich best friends. A tale of their school life and after-school activities that begin with clues from their treehouse. It vividly describes the savory scenery of Tomato Soup Elementary as they embark on various adventures. Meet Susie and Johnny Grilled Cheese is a collection of three books taking children on an exciting journey. The series will consist of 12 volumes, and volume 5 is expected to release this Fall.

The motivation behind Erin’s storytelling was her profoundness for creativity and the need for a book that induces value in the reader. She also wanted to create a bonding tool for working parents to spend quality time with their young ones.

Erin Dullaghan Jones breathes creativity into her books, teaching children about the gift of friendship, hard work, and academic excellence. It is a delight to read about the whimsical adventures of the two sandwich buddies as they learn more about life through different aspects of the world. This book has many educational elements intricately woven to enhance readers’ engagement and interest. Truly a unique yet endearing way to get children excited about food and learn about the fulfillment it brings to their bodies.

The character designs reflect the author’s days of reading to her children at bedtime, making up the characters and adventures as they went along. Her book is an ode for young ones who love reading and learning. It is a stepping stone, marking her passion for children’s literature.

About Erin Dullaghan Jones, the Marketing Prodigy Behind Meet Susie and Johnny Grilled Cheese

Erin began her professional journey right after graduating from Western Kentucky University. She took her first job as publicity and communications manager director at the Kentucky Derby Festival, the largest festival in Kentucky. She was appointed broadcast coordinator and press officer for ESPN X games during her employment.

She then went on to become the Louisville Regional Marketing Specialist. She was the supervisor, planner, and executive for all media, promotions, and special events. Afterward, Erin also took the position of director of sales at Metromojo, LLC, a web organization still in its infancy. She was responsible for lead generation, sales process optimization, contracting, and advertising performance there.

Erin is a budding author and blogger on a mission to expand her company’s publishing division with her first-ever children’s book, Meet Susie and Johnny Grilled Cheese. Erin Jones holds over 25 years of experience in the PR and marketing sector. Her agency, Inmodemarketing is a leading marketing giant specializing in crisis communication, social media, and public relations.

Erin is also a certified WBENC (The Women Business Enterprise National Council) member, a gold-standard certification body for women-owned businesses in the United States. She established in. Mode with the vision of promoting her passion for creativity. She gathered, recognized, and established illustrators, editors, and contributors to develop this marketing agency. She is also the creative director and the author of all the books published under the banner of Inmodemarketing.

She is a woman with many feathers in her hat. Along with her excellent business acumen and creative grit, she is also an accomplished public speaker and marketing trainer.

As a full-time working mom, Erin wanted a medium to enrich her children’s interactions. Shared book reading proved to be the most convenient way of strengthening her relationship with them. Her picture book helped cultivate a lifelong love for reading in her kids, encouraging her to create more exciting stories and characters for the little ones.

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