Dandraua Sarkar : a temple in Madhya Pradesh where Hanuman ji is worshipped as a doctor


On the peripheral part of Madhya Pradesh sharing a border with Uttar Pradesh, this Hindu temple is situated. Around 56 km from Gwalior city, this temple is completely dedicated to Hindu God Shri Hanuman where a glint of Chambal valley is seen when you visit here. Thin but dense trees with small leaves standing along the roads, the famous Chambal sand feels sultry in the middle of July when the land badly covets rain and the sun scorches this terrain. 

A small but exquisitely carved gate welcomes devotees carrying their wishes and obeisance seen in their eyes. An exhilarating environment is automatically created by the fragrance of flowers and sweets emanating from the shops temporarily established outside the temple. An intense aroma of snacks wafts through the shops on the other side of the road in front of the shrine. This reverie is disturbed when long queues of devotees greet you, specially on Tuesday. All chanting Jai Shri Ram, Jai Bajrang Bali calms anxiety of other devotees who stand behind. Kids shouldered by their fathers seem delighted to be able to ring the gigantic bell with the support of their family members. Long queues are a bit uncomfortable as it is seen at every shrine. However, queues keep on diminishing and increasing as time passes.  

On the threshold of the main entrance, an intense redolence of incense infused with divine ambience caresses devotees, washing their tiredness away in a jiffy. When the sound of bells being rung by people hit earlobes, it fills us with fresh alacrity to have a glance at Hanuman ji. The management of the temple is very supportive and decent which respectfully guides to the sanctum sanctorum. This is where a divine sense of delight and tranquility goes through our senses.  

A glance of Hanuman ji with a unique cherubic smile is so soothing. Sometimes Deity is dressed as a doctor with stethoscope, standing in a straight position towards the south which is believed to be very sacred. Here, Lord Hanuman is not worshipped like other shines, He is worshipped as a divine Doctor who treats his patients instantly and takes away their sorrows just in a glance. Devotees helpless and hopeless due to their ailments revolve around the temple for cure, tying a thread on the grill beside the temple and people who have convalesced, offer their obeisance before God. The sight of this smiling doctor is unbelievable as it is quickly etched in our minds.  

People with sheer faith surrender to God, and pray for their health and safety from Hanuman ji. Which is why such results are seen. People with deadly diseases have recuperated here who have been hopelessly wandering from hospital to hospital. What is divinity without faith? Just a pitcher with a hole in it. On Tuesday, the entire premises are teeming with immaculate vibes where all sounds of bells, clapping, and chanting immerse into an euphony of prayer which feels like a song,  

While moving forward, a 11 feet Shiva statue is seen standing adjacent to the backside of the temple. Chanting traveling from mouth to mouth diminishes here and the hymns being sung by local artists slightly start to soar up and plunge into prayer all devotees silently mutter. In a long row around the hall, all deities are situated where all devotees bow down very comfortably and stand their to steal a glance of Hanuman ji again. As here, they can stand comfortably and pray compared to being in the queue. Devotees visit from different cities, states and villages. People from MP and UP frequent here mostly, however on Tuesday, outlandish souls are seen in large number making it crowded. This is actually believed to be a temple where last hope resides. Therefore, people with immense faith come here, seeking Hanuman ji’s blessings and go with a convincing assurance given by him. For, Hanuman is powerful, and Sankat mochan (obstacles remover).  

What I enjoyed most visiting Dandraua Sarkar is, a soothing glance of Hanuman ji, and bhajans sung by professional artists with sheer energy and wisdom about Sanatan Dharma. The outer verandah is occupied by priests for devotees to do their rituals and other things, and half of the corridor is heaved with singers and their audience. People coming from temple relax here and have Prasad and snacks, all the essential arrangement is here. Whole place is flooded with mantras and smoke emanating from small yagyas, accompanied by singers singing beautiful bhajans. All devotees sit and savor this divine delicacy while chanting the name of Dandraua Sarkar. On the other side, there is nonstop bhandara for all for whole day.  

This temple is enormously famous in nearby districts and different cities as well, making it a tourism booster in Bhind district. What I believe the place lacks, is some essential attention towards its development. The whole place is divinely enriched, yet it’s not as developed as it should be. Govt must be curious to build up this place, and let all people know about it. For, all sanatanis who have unwavering faith in their Dharma should not remain untouched by the blessings of Dandraua Sarkar. 

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