Chandrayaan 3 : why deracinated actors always tend to mock and wish for failure of our space programs due to their unbridled hate for PM Modi?  

India is continuously soaring up higher than our imagination under new leadership that stands firmly with our scientists for exploring new possibilities in the universe. Although, saying this may offend many Congress leaders and their puppets in media and in film industry. It’s not because it shows their incapability, the reason for their instant frustration is, they have a ridiculous penchant for giving credit to Congress party for everything even for the universe as it is perhaps due to Congress, otherwise what ISRO would be exploring. This can be seen in recent time when Chandrayaan 3 is going to make history and lift up our space agency’s popularity in the world, many actors, leaders and leftists in media are unbelievably writhing in wrath, vilifying Modi govt for nothing.  

Since, Chandrayaan lifted off carrying our hopes for the success in landing on the southern part of moon where no other agency could reach successfully, all the politicians, actors, and accidental journalists secretly connected with Congress party are vehemently trying to give credit to Congress as they believe it’s Congress who established ISRO, however they never talk about how this party delayed the success of our space agency by accusing and tormenting our scientists like Nambi Narayana, because it exposes their credibility and claim that they make about their interest for making India etch its name in the space. Moreover, these actors, journalists and leaders who are unbelievably exaggerating the role of Congress in this space program, will never speak about how come ISRO could only launch around 40 satellites from 1975, while same agency launch 350+ satellites in new govt. It’s probably because at that time, India was fixated on scams, whereas now ISRO is getting all the support it requires for space missions unlike previous govts. Truth rattles these people, and makes them hate Modi for their own frustration and insanity.  

At this juncture, ISRO is creating history unabated, not competing with others but finding new ways to explore space and do something better for man kind and excel in space missions. Just because all of this is happening currently when Congress is not in power to grab all the credit, its puppets are expressing their unbridled hate for Modi and even scientists as we all are familiar with the fact that insecurity, frustration and hate doesn’t know any limit. It breaks all walls of restrain. This is what we can see on twitter. A prevalent Modi hater and currently actor Prakash Raj whose career depended on portraying evil characters, is uncomfortable due to current space mission for which ISRO along with Indian govt is being loaded by the world. It is utterly indigestible for him. Driven by his hate for Modi, which he regularly exhibits probably to gladden his political masters, has posted a controversial picture of a black skinned man holding a kettle and tea cup while tea is in the air depicting an amusing play we often seen on tea stalls, and wrote, “ this is the first picture clicked by Chandrayaan 3”. He inexplicitly not only orchestrated his hate for Modi, mocking him and our space mission just because he couldn’t find other ways to vilify Modi.  

His tasteless, ridiculous and insane demeanor showed why this actor is currently unemployed and only lollygagging on twitter. His hate for PM Modi coerced him to behave this wickedly elucidates why these hidden politically motivated evil puppets are detrimental for India. As these deracinated creatures are still colonial slaves who are mentally to mock India, its culture and our efforts in space missions. Besides, these people are routinely seen mourning democracy, and freedom of speech, despite knowing the consequences of such tweets if Congress was in power. Such actors would have been in jail, but irony is, they still have the audacity to say that Modi govt has crushed their freedom of speech. How ridiculous! Targeting Modi and then belittling our scientists for his propaganda is insanely pernicious. He has elaborated why India faces more obstacles in any field than other countries because we have such faction of deracinated numpties who always wish for failure and are exhilarated to celebrate it.  

On the other hand, Indians who might be poor, underprivileged, and struggling in their lives, facing many problems, may not know much about space science at all, are elated waiting for the Chandrayaan 3 to land successfully on Moon, and create history once again which they will be cherishing for decades, engraving a sense of utter pride in all generations. All problems diminish when it becomes a matter of pride, all people come together to celebrate our scientists and govts efforts in this field, except such hateful creatures thriving on our money, and popularity we people have given them. These unappreciative people are only fixated on making money, it hardly matters if it requires him to mock our scientists in order to gladden their political masters as their acting career is at nadir, no hope for resuscitation. However, India is proud of its mission. And hope for its success this time, eagerly waiting for historic moment when ISRO Chandrayaan 3 will engrave its name on lunar surface and show the world that the agency they mocked for decades and the leader they routinely vilify, is doing what they couldn’t even try to do.  

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