8 Must-Do Tips for Melbourne Restaurant Owners

Data from the restaurant industry isn’t always encouraging, as stats show that only about 20% of eateries that open, make it long term. As much as 60% of restaurants tend to close within 12 months or opening.

So, how can you make your Melbourne restaurant achieve success? We’ve got your must-do list, with everything from menu design to using pest control Melbourne businesses use to adhere to local regulations. 

Here’s how you safeguard your restaurant in the current economy. 

Create a Unique Experience

Patrons are bound to pick you if they know no other outlet can match what you offer. Even if you can just offer one thing that’s entirely unique, it will help you draw a certain type of client. This can be related to any part of the dining out experience:

  • Certain types of live music or background audio
  • A signature dish
  • Rare wine
  • Safe play area to cater for families

Similar to any other business that can improve their sales figures by showcasing their USP, you need to identify what sets you apart and make it known to your audience through your marketing. 

Focus on Local Flavours

People out and about in Melbourne are often in search of something that’s relatable to the bustling city. It’s easy to get a burger or sushi in most towns and cities around the world and many consumers often feel much of it taste the same. But if you incorporate local flavours and products in your recipes, it may draw a loyal following. That could be your unique feature!

Local residents will appreciate you showing off what being in Melbourne is all about. Also, when using local suppliers and fresh produce, people will appreciate the sustainability of your supply chain—and these days sustainability is a major selling point for any marketing campaign!

In the long run it may also be more affordable to use local products. Therefore, it’s a smart business strategy to use ingredients produced nearby. It all helps manage your cashflow better, so you give your business a better chance at surviving. 

Prioritise Safety and Hygiene

Of course, no matter your business strategy, don’t ever risk getting a reputation for maintaining an unhygienic environment. This requires continual pest control and if you notice anything out of place in your storeroom, you may want to read up on how to get rid of mice. If there’s a critter under a table one evening, it may be simple word of mouth that ruins your name, not necessarily the health inspector’s report. 

Do research food safety regulations you need to adhere to, so you know how to stay compliant. This can also include safety guidelines, so your team and customers aren’t put at risk of injury while on your property. 

Go Online with Marketing AND Sales

Gone are the days of using flyers or getting phone calls! Any business who wants to make it in today’s world must utilise the power of going online. 

Firstly, marketing via a website and social media is essential because it’s one of the most prominent ways your customers will look for information about you. Patrons will Google what you have to offer and if you don’t tell them what they can expect, they’ll skip to your competitors’ websites. 

In addition, take your sales online too and implement food delivery services. Today’s consumers appreciate convenience and if you’re the local restaurant that make Friday night dinners easy, they’ll pick you time and again! 

Make Your Staff Your Secret Weapon

Of course, there are still Melbourne locals who love going out and for them you need to create a taskforce in the form of your employees:

  • Make sure they know the menu, so they can answer any questions.
  • They must dress neatly to give patrons peace of mind that you’re running a clean, orderly kitchen. 
  • Ensure they offer friendly service, so it’s synonymous with your brand. 
  • Do some teamwork activities so there’s more synergy between kitchen and front of house staff, resulting in faster, better service overall. 

Check Out Latest Trends

Even though you may have a unique feature that will always be associated with your brand, do consider small changes from time to time. The restaurant industry is affected by trends, and you need to incorporate it if you don’t want to lose clients.

For example, if people in your neighbourhood become very interested in vegan or vegetarian dishes, it’s vital you add some options to your menu. Or, perhaps there’s a new drink on the market that the younger generation loves. 

Customers will prefer an eatery that serves their current favourites. 

Improve and Showcase Sustainability

As mentioned, sustainability is important for many customers. Find ways to enhance this aspect of your eatery, such as buying fresh produce at the market, rather than ones at the store that are wrapped in plastic. Once you have a more sustainable supply chain, do showcase it on social media and even instore. It’s bound to boost your reputation! 

Last Tip: Quality Food is Always Key

There’s a lot you can change in terms of your menu, your theme and the quality of service you offer. However, your number one priority must always be the quality of the food you provide. Be known for serving fresh, top-quality ingredients. It will keep your customers returning, even if you make changes to the rest of your restaurant.

Good luck! 

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